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28 Ahad Ha'am Street, Tel Aviv
Tel: 03-633 7733
Kashrut: Rabbanut Tel Aviv Glatt L'Mehadrin. Harav Machpud


Open Sunday – Thursday 12:00 noon - 11:00 pm. Friday open for private parties. One hour after Shabbat until the last diner. Closed Shabbat.

L'Entrecote Restaurant Bar

Updated January 2015
What's in a name?
No mistaking it. L'entrecote is a quality meat restaurant with entrecote steak at its signature dish. That said, the menu is varied and will appeal to everyone. Lovers of hearty meat dishes will delight, and diners who prefer fish or vegetarian dishes will enjoy a delicious meal as well. A hint of their wide appeal is the number of groups and parties that L'entrecote hosts. Be assured that all the different preferences will be addressed. Not an inexpensive dining experience, the prices at L'entrecote are fair. You get what you pay for.

L'entrecote is a landmark Tel Aviv restaurant at the corner of Ahad Haam Street and Nachalat Binyamin. This is the crossroads of today's business district and the original historic yeshuv. LEntrecote is a kosher restaurant of distinction. Tucked into the picturesque and historic Palatin House, this is a restaurant with style in a location that whispers the stories of the past.

My companion and I visited this restaurant on a Thursday night as the staff was preparing for a large private event. This was a non-issue as they treated us attentively and with care throughout our meal.

Jerusaelm Post Writer Greer Fay Cashman visits L'Entrecote Restaurant
March 2019

"...I didn't see any restaurants with kosher certification, so I simply kept going till I reached Ahad Ha'am Street, and came across L'Entrecote, which is under Yore De'ah Badatz kashrut supervision. It would have been tempting to eat the entrecote steak for which this restaurnat is hightly reputedm but there were also lamb chops on the menu, and my Australian palate was already salivating at the thought.

Most restaurants will serve between one and three chops, but usually stop at two. L'Entrecote served five on a bed of gnocchi flavored with a tasty sauce, but it was difficult to discern exactly what it was because it was sandwiched under the very meaty chops. The meal cost NIS 143 and was worth every shekel."

The L'Entrecote Restaurant Menu

The menu is French with Mediterranean influences. There are many high end dishes like ceviche and liver pate. Dishes are served in the French style, with sauces on the side. We prefer sauces on the side, where they can be used at the diner's discretion.

My companion chose a meaty appetizer and the entrecote steak main course. I went for a veggie appetizer and a fish main course. After we made our order a basket of warm rolls served with green olive and sun dried tomato tapenades made its way to our table. This was quite a nice way to while away the time, though we had to be careful not to overindulge, while the kitchen started work on our orders.

My companion started with the entrecote kebab while I chose the wild mushrooms. My companion's starter consisted of 4 kebabs made of entrecote and lamb on a bed of eggplant cream. These were served with a tomato salsa and techina sauce. The lamb, though not mentioned in the menu, dominated this dish. That was ok because my companion likes lamb. The wild mushrooms. were served with soy sauce on a bed of fresh spinach and garlic. Though not new or especially creative, this was a good and satisfying dish. The mushrooms were fresh and crispy and the dish was nicely presented in a stylized plate. This was a good way to start our meal. Note that there were several other veggie dishes including ravioli. the vegetarian eggplant with tehina and roasted peppers.

There is no shortage of enticing starters on the menu. Before choosing the kebabs my companion considered the duck liver pate with sweet spiced bread. There is also Seared Tuna. And for the fineshmekers among us, there is the elegant Salmon Carpaccio.

How do you visit a restaurant called L'entrecote and not have the entrecote steak? My companion was up to the task. His steak main course of 230 grams came perfectly cooked and was delicious. It was cooked just as he likes it, a perfect medium. The meat was juicy and tasty with garlic cloves on top. A mustard sauce and egg yolk sauce was on the side. Clean, non-oily fries and roasted potatoes were served in extra bowls.

My salmon main course was simply perfect. Chef Gritzik is a master. The fish was served with a spicy mustard sauce on the side. Though flavorful I prefer my fish to speak for itself so it was just as well that the sauce was on the side.

For dessert we chose the popular chocolate brownie topped with chocolate sauce and whipped cream. I was hoping to save some calories by ordering just one dessert for the two of us but we learned when this "creation" . arrived at the table that the portion is sized for two people. The dessert was the perfect ending to a special meal.

L'Entrecote is located in the historic Palatin House. The structure was built in 1926 by architect Alexander Baerwald, who combined local styles with Oriental themes in order to create what was at the time the main hotel in Tel Aviv. The restaurant itself has a warm and inviting interior. Wood floors combine with soft lighting and artwork to create a modern space that is as relaxing as it is stylish. The windows, a good distance from the street, gives the interior a more intimate feel, and blocks the noise from the street.

LEntrecote has two private rooms upstairs which can accommodate 18 35 guests.

There are two pay for parking lots near the restaurant on Ahad Haam and Nachalat Binyamin.

Most starters including the mushroom starter: NIS 32 - 34, Entrecote steak 250 gr: NIS 99, Fillet Norwegian Salmon: NIS 78, children's menu NIS 59, dessert for 2: NIS 39.

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