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Meat and Eat
First Station, Hatahana Harishona, 4 David Remez St. Jerusalem.
Tel: 02-624 4808
Handicapped friendly
Kashrut: Rabbanut Yerushalayim and Rav Machpud Mehadrin. Full time mashgiach.

Open Sunday - Thursday: Noon - 11:00 pm. Friday Noon - 2 hours before Shabbat. Open Motzei Shabbat: One hour and a half after Shabbat - 11:00 pm. Closed Shabbat.

Meat and Eat

December 2014
Meat and Eat Restaurant (Hebrew: Lechem Basar) is at the center of Jerusalem's First train station (Hebrew: Hatachana Harishona). This is just the right location for this very central restaurant on the landscape of kosher eateries.

Not inexpensive, at Meat and Eat you get what you pay for. This is high end dining, with . delicious dishes and excellent service. Meat and Eat is a cleverly designed restaurant with comfortable dining spaces for small and large groups.

Meat and Eat - Indoors

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About The Meat and Eat Menu

As its name suggests, the bread is one of the calling cards of this restaurant. All the breads are baked in the on-site taboun oven located in a glass-enclosed section of the dining room which is part of the decor.

How could we not try their signature food? So we started our dinner with focaccia and dips. The focaccia on the menu is actually a meat dish but the chef prepared a non-meaty version of this dish just for us.

The starters range from quinoa, chicken salads, stuffed pastries, meat carpaccio, and fish ceviche. We chose the grilled eggplant and zucchini stuffed with lamb. It is curious to see the chef's interpretation of grilled eggplant. At Meat and Eat it was served with roasted tomatoes, techina, and pomegranate sauce, a very delicious combination. Zucchini stuffed with lamb is unique to Meat and Eat and an excellent choice for a meaty starter. My companion really likes lamb; ever since he was a kid his favorite meal was grilled lamb chops. The starter didnt disappoint, except that he would have liked more. The small dish had two pieces of lightly cooked zucchini stuffed with a mixture of ground lamb and eggplant, with the lamb, the dominant flavor. One of the things that he liked about the dish besides the lamb was that the zucchini was firm, not raw and not squishy.

There are so many attractive alternatives for the main course that it took us a while to decide. There is a good selection of steaks, burgers and different types of meat and chicken. Meat dishes range from a low NIS 80 for a burger to well over NIS 100. My companion chose the Entrecote steak. I went for the salmon with grilled vegetables.

After some consideration my companion chose the 250 gram steak (rather than the 350 gr) medium well done. The portion was surprising it was very large. A larger steak would have been too much. Next time though he will order the steak medium-rare. This is always a tricky thing to get right the first time you order steak in a restaurant. The steak was very tasty, not hard and not fatty. I would definitely order this again. The steak was served with juicy grilled tomato and grilled onlion, with the black scoring of the grill on them. This was served with a small boat of chimichurri. The tomato was an excellent choice to accompany the steak. The chimichurri was nice, but was not really needed for the steak, which was well seasoned and aged.

My choice of salmon was so tasty and so well prepared that I had to ask how they do it. Turns out that the fish is first grilled and then pan seared, The grilled string beans and tomatoes were a perfect match for the fish. With our meals we got a separate bowl of rice gently flavored with herbs.

What goes better with a full meal than a bottle of wine. Meat and Eat has a great selection of wines displayed on the walls. Every month the restaurant focuses on a different wine that you are invited to enjoy by the glass. Speaking of alcohol the restaurant has a full bar. If ever there was a restaurant that invites a cocktail, this is it.

Whoa - it is not only about meat and bread. Desserts at Meat and Eat are a specialty. The restaurant has its own dessert chef who creates desserts at the restaurant every morning. Desserts range from apple crumble, malabi, kadaif, chocolate mousse, chocolate Souffle. Count me in. We had the Cookielida, which looked like an outsized chocolate Oreo cookie with cream in the center. The "cookie" was filled with fudge chocolate. This was sinful but a nice way to end a great meal.

Meat and Eat has two distinct dining spaces: the large dining area with tables for 2 and 4 and bar seating. In addition there is a smaller space in the rear of the restaurant, cordoned off from the rest of the space, with a large table and some smaller tables. As it is, this space is ideal for groups of 8 - 10 diners who want to have some privacy away from the large room. It can also be rearranged for private parties of up to 25 guests. The large dining area can accommodate up to 60 guests.

Let me also mention that Meat and Eat is a fully handicapped accessible restaurant. There is a ramp into the restaurant from street level, and the washing station and bathrooms are on the same level.

Grilled eggplant starter: NIS 38. Lamb zucchini starter: NIS 58. Spring Chicken Salad: NIS 64, Entrecote Steak (250/350/450 gr.): NIS 120/140/160, Sea Fish Fillet: NIS 128. Dessert: NIS 42

From Our Readers:
Submitted by Avraham and D'vora Grossbaum. Date: December 17 2014. Description: We had a delicious supper in Meat and Eat (Lekhem Basar in Hebrew). The restaurant is located in the First Station, the old Jerusalem train station that has been reincarnated as an entertainment venue. The furnishings are nice, but the high ceiling and resultant acoustics contributed to a noise level that was not conducive for intimacy.

We had the house bread, stuffed pepper and cabbage (a special) and lamb zucchini for starters. The pepper was stuffed with chopped beef, the zucchini with lamb (as the name implies), but we are not sure what was in the cabbage. They were delicious, with a nice variety of flavors.

We chose the entrecote 450 grams medium-rare and lamb siniya for main courses. The entrecote was fantastic, juicy and flavorful. The lamb siniya was tasty, but not to rave about.

The desserts described in the menu sounded good and looked nice on other tables (but not on our waistlines).

The portions were ample. The service was very pleasant. There was a delay in the arrival of our orders, for which the waiter apologized even though we did not comment on it. All in all, we had a very enjoyable evening.

The entrecote is one of the more expensive entrees at NIS 179, while the siniya (NIS 88) is at the other end of the scale. We shared a glass of wine for NIS 56 (there was also a NIS 38 shekel option). The lamb zucchini cost NIS 58 and the stuffed vegetable NIS 45.

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