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Israeli Grill Bar
2 Yig'al Alon Ave, Paz Station. Bet Shemesh
02-991 1778
Kashrut: Mehadrin Badatz Rav Rubin

Open Sunday - Thursday, 6:00pm till 11:00pm. Closed Friday and Shabbat.

Mesubin Restaurant, Bet Shemesh

February 2024
Mesubin Meat Restaurant brings a full meat dining experience to Beit Shemesh. The rich menu includes generous tasty and fresh dishes under the highest kashrut supervision. This is an Israeli grill restaurant with many traditional Eastern European Jewish dishes. The menu is varied offering dishes for individuals and dishes that can be shared by everyone at the table and special children meals.

You can count on getting a warm welcome and a great dining experience at Mesubin. While you peruse the menu nash on a bowl of nachos and salsa sauce. No packaged nachos for us! The foods are all made in house.

The menu is available in Hebrew and English. This is a very full menu and if you are stumped your server will be happy to help you make your choices. The menu is in sections from starters, appetizers, a full menu of different style humus, sandwiches and Mesubin's burgers. Bread based dishes such as focaccia, brisket pizza and the popular lachmajoun are baked in the taboun oven. Lachmajoun is a bread based meat dish learned from our Arab neighbors. It is reminiscent of a baked open faced meat sandwich. If you don't know it, you've got to try it.

First courses include chopped liver served with crispy mini toast, onions, and home made pickles. Lamb Roll and Pine Nuts caught our eye. Crispy tortilla dough filled with lamb and beef and fried in onions served with tehina.

12 Feb 2024
eLuna had a very pleasant dinner at Mesubin restaurant. The restaurant opens at 6 and by 7 the restaurant was almost full. Nachos and salsa sauce kept us busy while we considered our order.

We shared a brisket sandwich platter with potatoes and two sauces. The sandwich was made with challah bread - and it was not even shabbat! The meat in the sandwich was soft and tasty with a sweet gravy. We enjoyed a bowl of humus with techina and hot freshly baked pitot. The sandwich went well with with a glass of mild krombacher beer.

Service was polite and helpful. A very patient waiter held this heavy platter while we snapped this photo.

There are also some the non-meaty first courses such as the grilled aubergine with tomato salad and techina. Or the tempura mushrooms. Note that these non-meat dishes may not be considered parve, as this is a meaty kitchen. If you are looking for a parve dish the Humus menu should work, The humus and eggplant dish tomato salad and grilled garlic. Other humus dishes include meat and chicken.

Individual meaty main courses are listed under the Butcher Shop section with steaks on a cast iron pan. All of the steaks are cooked with vegetables in the pan and your choice of one side dish. Each choices range from Baby Chicken steak and Chicken breast Steak to a 300 gram Entrecote steak. Juicy Lamb Ribs are at the top of this menu.

Nothing brings people together like food. To bring people together, Misubin offers a menu of platters that can be shared at the table. The platters have a variety of different meats according to your taste. Platters range from NIS 250 to NIS 460 depending on the meats included on the platter and the number of diners.

Dessert! Who comes to a meat restaurant for the dessert? Who ends a big meal at a meat restaurant without it. Ask your server.

July 2023.
MISUBIN a HIGH QUALITY OUT OF THIS WORLD STEAK HOUSE. the BURGER ALONE, nobody has ever tasted this good. I've been to RXXX, and RXXX...they are FINE. THIS ONE IN BSHEMESH? try once. RAV RUBEN KASHRUTH at MISUBIN

From the Menu

Grilled aubergine starter NIS 46
Tempura chicken starter NIS 59
De Luxe Schnitzel NIS 89
Stir fried chicken Liver in wine NIS 119
Norwegian salmon fillet NIS 119
Brisket NIS 149

Hot salads. NIS 98 - Nis 119
Steaks NIS 99 - 189

Parties: The restaurant host parties for all occasions. On our visit to Mesubin a young family was celebrating their daughter's birthday. Happy birthday Estie!

Click here for a 50% discount on dessert when your bill comes to NIS 300 at your next visit to Mesubin Restaurant. Print out this coupon and present it at the restaurant or show it on the eLuna app.