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Music Center, Yoel Moshe Solomon St., Nahalat Shiva, Jerusalem
Telephone: 02-9920540
Kashrut: Mehadrin

Open Sunday - Thursday: 8:00 - 10:00pm. Friday: 8:00 - 2:00pm. Closed Shabbat.

Nahman Cafe Restaurant

February 2017
Nahman Cafe Restaurant is the newest addition to the courtyard at the Music Center on Yoel Solomon Street, downtown Jerusalem. The Music Center is a terrific initiative, part of the revival of Nachalat Shiva. A group of excellent restaurants all open to the courtyard, where there is outdoor seating and live musical entertainment when weather permits. All of the restaurants in the Music Center are mehadrin, Rabbanut Yerushalayim.
Note the Music Center museum. See the description at the end of this write up.

Nahman Cafe Restaurant is a cozy, quiet restaurant. The sleek black decor is modern and inviting. eLuna member Judy Lewin visited Nahman Cafe Restaurant and submitted this write up.

From Our Readers
Submitted by: Adina K. Date: Dec 2017. Comment: After reading Judy Lewin's recommendation for Nahman's [below], we bid on & won an eluna auction and went for dinner. It was early (630 PM) so we were pretty much the only people there. It's right on Kikar Hamusica in Nachlat Shiva, and the live music playing outside was piped into the restaurant. The menu is authentic Italian (dairy) and we thoroughly enjoyed our food.
My husband (or dining companion, as is often said....) had a 4-cheese pizza w/a paper-thin crust, I enjoyed an individual sweet potato quiche w/small fresh side salad. The pizza was good, but we didn't realize that '4-cheese' meant just that - and nothing more: no tomato sauce, no herbs, etc. - but we enjoyed it (it was more than enough for two).
The desserts were the big hit - I had a fabulous, authentic tiramisu, my husband had a luscious individual warm pecan pie w/vanilla ice cream on the side (in a separate dish so it wouldn't melt next to the warm pie).
We were fully sated and left promising to return and recommend the restaurant to our friends!
The Very Best Lentil Soup - Ever. Submitted by Judy Lewin
A cold and windy day in Jerusalem demanded that my dining companion and I seek out soup. We chose Nahman the new Italian Restaurant at 12 Yoel Solomon and we were so pleased by the food and the lovely chic black and white Italian-style ambiance we cannot wait to return.

After our waitress checked with the chef to be sure they did not use soup powder, we eagerly awaited our soup. From a choice of three orange, lentil and vegetable -- we chose the orange and the lentil. The orange soup was very good but the lentil soup was outstanding, in fact it was the best lentil soup I ever ate. It was a smooth medley of flavors with cumin leading. The soups were beautifully garnished and served in attractive bowls placed on a folded napkin with a small plate to catch any drips.

We had the business lunch and each ordered a main course to share. My dining companion ordered a wonderful Mediterranean Margarita pizza made with goat cheese, dried tomatoes and caramelized onion, baked in the traditional brick oven (taboun) that is an integral part of Nahman. Nahman makes their own pasta fresh each day. I chose cheese tortellini with a delicious sauce of olive oil, herbs, garlic, cherry tomato halves and Kalamata olives. It was perfectly made with tender tortellini and a flavorful sauce that accented the delicate cheese filling. I found myself asking how many ways can you say delicious.

The wines on display are some of the best Israel has to offer. There is an attractive oval table near the wine rack for a large group of diners. Perfect for a big family gathering. I am eagerly looking forward to eating my way through their entire menu over the next few months. They serve brunch until 4 PM. The desserts look great but we were too full to even split one. Maybe I will drop in for coffee and tiramisu some morning.

I checked out the elegant restroom facilities for handicapped patrons on the main floor, and the layout is excellent including the bar that is securely fastened into the wall. The restrooms downstairs were also clean and attractive.

I loved the feeling that I was once again in Bella Italia- perhaps on a street in Florence or Rome with the wonderful smells of garlic and olive oil and herbs and delicious things baking in the oven. The kashrut is Rabbanut Yerushaliym Mehadrin.

Nahman is closed on Shabbat and open Sunday-Thursday from 8 to 10 PM and Friday from 8 until 2 PM. With their lovely dcor, access to the courtyard in Kikar HaMusika and their outstanding Italian food Nahman is an excellent first choice for a wonderful meal. Parking is available in a special lot below the Italian synagogue near Kikar HaMusika.

Why the name Nahman? Nahman was one of the founders of Nahalat Shiva and a descendant of Yoel Moshe Salomon, for whom the street is named.

Why an Italian menu? Rachela, the manager of this restaurant it turns out, is originally from Italy. We all do what we know best, and so the Italian menu.

About The Nahman Menu

The Nahman Cafe menu centers around pizza, pasta and fish dishes. There is a lovely breakfast and a brunch served till 4pm. There are vegan and gluten free options as well.

The calling card of the restaurant is the taboun, brick oven, where lots of menu favorites are baked. Pizza from a brick oven is like no other, and will be enjoyed. Focaccia and Calazon are also baked in the taboun oven. There are pasta dishes and fish dishes to choose from. We are lasagna people, and when we visit the restaurant this will surely be our choice.

We surely will not miss the desserts. We look forward to tasting our favorites: Panna Cotta and Tiramisu.

From the Menu: Israeli Breakfast NIS 58. Nahman's Eggs Benedict NIS 58. Mediterranean Ceviche NIS 55.Goat Cheese Crostini NIS 49. Pizza Margarita NIS 54. Focaccia NIS 36. Calzone NIS 69. Quattro Formaggi NIS 69. Salmon Fillet NIS 110. Fish & Chips NIS 75. Eggplant Lasagna NIS 69.

The Jewish Music Museum

On our last visit to the Music Square we visited the Jewish Music Museum. We enjoyed the sophisticated multimedia displays including a personal tablet for each visitor with explanations of musical instruments and their sounds. Using the tablet visitors can work through the museum at their own pace. There are very charming animated films with some advanced technology. The jewel in the crown is the virtual tour of the Beit Hamikdash. It is just like being there, and you don't even have to be a Cohen. Wow.


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