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2 Derech Yitzhak Rabin, Naimi Mall, Bet Shemesh
Telephone: 02-500 2090
Kashrut: mehadrin Meat Rav Machpud

Open Sunday - Thursday: 11:00 am. noon til 10:30 pm. .
Friday: 10:00 am. - 2:00 pm. Open Motzei Shabbat: - 11:00pm. Closed Shabbat

Oshi Oshi Bet Shemesh

September 2023
Oshi Oshi specializes in sushi, but not just sushi. There are many other foods, but the sushi is the star of the show.

A bit of history: In 2009 the first branch of Oshi Oshi opened in the Givatayim Mall. It was early in the history of Asian restaurants in Israel and the goal of the restaurant was to bringing the locals quality sushi. Today Oshi Oshi has a network of over 30 branches throughout Israel. Oshi Oshi continues to provide quality, diverse and creative sushi at a fair price to locations across the country.

Oshi Oshi does not compromise on quality. Branch restaurants use high-quality raw materials, restaurants are meticulous clean, and workers undergo special training to provide the best service.

The mantra is "There is sushi and there is Oshi Oshi."

Oshi Oshi - Table - Photo Courtesy of TripAdvisor

The Oshi Oshi menu is available in Hebrew and in English. Our favorite is the Entree menu, a full page of Asia dishes where none of them are sushi. There is Kimchi, our favorite pickled Asian salad. Edamame, the starter of champions. The Entrees go on with vegetarian eggrolls, dim sum, and the popular gyoza. The Entree menu is where you will find the fish&fish & chips, buns and soups.

Oshi Oshi - Sushi

The section "Sautees" lists is a very nice selection of stir fries with or without vegetables, meat and noodles. There is pad Thai, and a host of curry dishes and several dishes from the wok. Spicy dishes are marked as such on the menu.

Now lets talk sushi. There are so many pages of sushi, it is hard to imagine that there is something missing. There are the traditional inside out, cones, and sandwiches. Fotomaki, sashimi and fried sushi. Then there are the combinations and the party platters. There are pages of choices for sushi fans. And all of these are perfect and delicious.

Oshi Oshi friends

A table of sushi lovers may find it best to choose one of the many sushi combinations, There are full veggie combinations and mixed with fish. Oshi Oshi also offers party trays for the gdud.

Delivery: Call for delivery.

From the menu
Fish & Chips NIS 45
vegetarian eggrolls NIS 27
soups NIS 23- 30
gyoza NIS 32
sashimi NIS 31/39

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The discount is valid Sunday - Wednesday. Print out this coupon and present it at the restaurant.

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