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3 Totzeret Haaretz, Em Hamoshavot, Petach Tikva
Tel:03-527-7070. 072-338-6909
Kashrut: Rabbanut Petach Tikva
Open Sunday - Thursday: 5pm. - 1:00am. Motzash till 1:00am. Closed Friday and Shabbat.

Patrick's Irish Pub & Fine Kitchen

December 2019

Patrick's Irish Pub is a fine bar and restaurant all rolled into one. Enjoy specialty craft beer on tap, amazing mixed drinks and a great selection of whiskeys at the bar. Balance things out with some of the delicious food. All of this is in a beautifully designed space that will make you feel welcome.


eLuna Visits Patrick's Rooftop Irish Pub & Restaurant
Who goes to a rooftop restaurant in the middle of a winter storm?
We'll sit inside, we decided, and went off to visit this restaurant that is the talk of the town.
You'll need reservations at Patrick's. You can make reservations yourself, on the Patrick's Rooftop website.

Despite the rain, we saw the neon sign for the restaurant on top of the building. The bar/restauant is only one flight up which is indeed the top floor. The restaurant has its own dedicated elevator with the Patricks emblem on the doors. The rustic brick decor of the hallways continues into the restaurant. You will be struck by the beautiful interior. There is bar seating, seating at high tables and seating at standard tables. That is us.

The so-called rooftop is actually a large patio that runs the length of the restaurant. In the winter it is covered and even in the rain storm it was toasty warm. Smoking is allowed on the patio, but on the website you can choose to sit inside or outside, smoking or non-smoking.

There are large LCD screens throughout the restaurant, visible wherever you choose to sit, showing sports matches.

The menu is available in Hebrew and English. If you need the English, just ask.
If you like achoholic drinks: cocktails, whiskeys, beers, etc., you have come to the right place. The menu devotes several pages to whiskeys, mixed drinks, well-known and exotic draft beers. This includes some 25 boutique Israeli beers, on tap, as well as several bottled brands. There is a happy hour discount of 1+1 on draft beers from 5-7.


We took a good look at the long and varied list of beers on the menu, but we were at a loss to decide. Our friendly waiter brought out a tasting array of four beers that we had never encountered before, including one Israeli beer, and one Belgian beer with a ginger flavor that is crafted specifically for the Israeli market. (See the photo above.)

In addition to the beers, there is a huge collection of whiskeys and other alcoholic beverages on display at the bar. We are drinkers who enjoy a good cocktail from a bar that knows its business, so we opted for a cocktail rather than a beer.

The menu lists 6 alcoholic cocktails named for different cities and states, and one alcohol-free cocktail for the designated driver. We started with a delicious fruity cocktail called Miami. The bar tender clearly knows what he is doing. It was so good that if I could hold my liquor I would have had another.

With all those drinks comes food. On the menu, the starters are listed as “Next to the Beer”, but we had them next to our cocktail. We were off to a good start with the cauliflower starter and the restaurant's freshly baked focaccia, served warm fresh from the oven, with three dips: tehina, salsa and olive oil.

For our mains, I chose the burger, and my companion opted for the fish and chips. The food was tasty and the portions were generous.The large 250-gram burger, which I ordered medium, was so juicy that when I poked it with a knife, it mooed, no – but it oozed.

Patricks_rooftopThe bar lighting is dim, and the music is loud, as you expect in a bar, so I couldn’t see how pink the burger was, but the taste was unusually good. Patrick’s claims to have a special recipe. The burger comes with crispy, thin fries, and is stacked with lettuce, tomatoes and rings of onion. The waiter brought a rack of brand name condiments, including a very good BBQ sauce, in the original containers. I like that, because I could see that they were not refilling old containers with bulk products.

The fish in the fish and chips were coated in a tasty batter, and were accompanied by the same crispy, thin chips that came with the burger. The chips are cooked separately from the meat, so the dish was parve. The dish came with a small saucer of mayonnaise or tartar sauce. The food was tasty and the portions were generous. You can share them, or take home what you can’t finish.

Patricks is more than just a restaurant. It is fun, in a let-loose atmosphere. The music is thumping and the drinks keep coming, and a good time is had by all.

The restaurant has a private room that can seat 40 guests. It is beautifully designed and is appropriate for business meatings, small parties, and get togethers.

From the Menu: Tahina & almond cauliflower, NIS 31, Focaccia, 29, Draft beers, 29-42, depending on brand and size, Cocktails 51, Fish and chips, 69, Burger with fries, 65/

Click here for a 10% discount coupon on your next order at Patrick's Rooftop. Print out this coupon and present it at the restaurant.