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Kiryat Mada 3, Har Hotzvim - The GT Tower, Jerusalem
Tel: 02-5815815
Kashrut: Badatz Yoreh Deah - Rav Machpud

Open Sunday - Thursday: 5pm. - midnight. Closed Fridays and Motzai Shabbat for events: Closed Shabbat.


October 2013
Rodriguez is a new meat restaurant in the Har Hotzvim tech park. This is a high end restaurant offering a unique and pampering dining experience.

You will see, right off the bat, that Rodriguez is an invested restaurant. The seating is spacious and comfortable. The design is modern and pleasing. The atmosphere is rich and prestigious.

That will be your impression before you start. After your dinner you will agree that Rodriquez is the perfect combination of snazzy modern decor, luscious food and fine service.

Professionalism and experience are the operative words at Rodriguez. Itamar comes to this restaurant with years of experience at some of eLuna's favorite restaurants. You will remember him from the successful Joy and Luciana Restaurants. Rodriguez gives Itamar his chance to shine, and he does.

About the Rodriguez menu

Start your meal with one of the Rodriguez appetizers. Rodriguez offers the high end beef carpaccio and liver pate along with a variety of less costly humus plates.

For your main course choose from a wide selection of grilled meats and lamb. The menu also offers slow-cooked Asado Short Ribs and Half Chicken. A variety of fish dishes are available: along with the popular Fish and Chips.

For the gourmet diner, Rodriguez offers Cordon Bleu and a Mixed Grill of chicken livers and organ meats.

Desserts are not to be skipped: Hot Chocolate Soufflé, Apple Strudel, Crepe Suzette, Refreshing Sorbet are amongst the wide selection that Rodriguez features.

Has a private VIP room for business meetings and events of up to 30 participants.

Beef Carpaccio nis 49. Liver Pate nis 49, Jerusalem Humus: nis 26. Asado Short Ribs: nis 126, Half Chicken: nis 94. Cordon Bleu: nis 98, Mixed Grill nis 89, Fish fillet: nis 119, Fish and Chips: nis 76, Desserts: nis 36,

Click here for a 10% discount coupon on your next order at Rodriguez. Print out this coupon and present it at the restaurant.