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Kiryat Mada 3, Har Hotzvim - The GT Tower, Jerusalem
Tel: 02-5815815
Kashrut: Badatz Mehadrin Rav Avraham Rubin
wheelchair friendly (elevator and ramp)

Open Sunday - Thursday: 6:30pm. - midnight. Closed Fridays and Motzai Shabbat for events: Closed Shabbat. Website:

Rodriguez Meat Restaurant

Revisited May 2021
Rodriguez Restaurant is for the discerning diner who values fine dining. Fine dining is not just the food, though the food has to be excellent. Fine dining includes an elegant atmosphere, good service and the generous hospitality that makes the difference.

Rodriguez is an invested restaurant. The seating is spacious and comfortable in a modern and pleasing environment. The atmosphere is rich and prestigious. Rodriquez is the perfect combination of snazzy decor, luscious food and fine service.

Asado is Rodriguez' signature dish. The asado is slow cooked in a sweet sauce till it is melt-in-your-mouth-soft. "People call us when they arrive at the airport" says the restaurant, "to make sure that we have Asado on the menu that night.".

Rodriguez is in the hospitality business. Both the chef and the manager trained in hotels. Itamar was trained at the Hilton Hotel chain and the chef comes from Cramim Resort. The menu is varied, but the meats are the star of the show. There is a range
of grilled meats including high end lamb chops and premium steaks. The menu also offers American burgers, Chicken, fish dishes and veggie dishes.

Rodriguez has achieved its goal of providing fine dining without compromising the kashrut. Rodriguez is Mehadrin under the hashgacha of Rav Rubin. No compromises there.

eLuna Revisits Rodriguez Restaurant

When we go out to dinner, I want to be spoiled. It is not just the food, though that too. When I go out, I want to sit in a beautiful environment, I want great service and i want dishes that look as good as they taste. And that is what we got at Rodriguez.

We were shown to our seats in a roomy booth along the glass wall overlooking the action outside. Our meal began with a generous selection of salads served with fresh crispy focaccia. We loved the scorched eggplant salad and the babaganouch, the fresh cole slaw and the cabbage salad. The variety changes every day, and they are included with the main course.

My companion is a meat eater, so tried a tasting platter with pargit, kabobs and asado., He went straight for the signature Asado, finger shaped pieces of entrecote beef with just a bit of fat in a sweet sauce. One bite. That's all it took, and he was oohing and ahing. The kabobs were soft and juicy, well-cooked but still oozing gravy.

Hang on to the salad platter and the focaccia for your main course. The tahini makes a nice topping on the kabobs. This is a common combination in Oriental cooking. The focaccia was perfect for sopping up the gravy and the sauce from the asado. Pargit is a steak made of deboned chicken thighs, which is listed as pullet on the English menu. It was well prepared, but since he had more than enough to eat, they were a bit neglected. You can’t eat everything.

Call me crazy, but I decided to go veggie in this seriously meat restaurant. Not a problem. Out came a platter of non-meat cigars, dipped cauliflower, and a vegetable wrap. Everything was freshly made, crispy and tasty,

Dessert? Well, who am I to say no.
The dessert is called snickers. It is a block of rich chocolate filled with nougat, topped with several flavors of parve ice cream. One dessert was more than enough for both of us but it was a lovely way to end a great meal.

Parties and Events: Rodriguez has two private VIP rooms available during restaurant hours, for business meetings and events of up to 30 guests. Larger events can be hosted in the main dining area two mornings a week. Contact Itamar at the restaurant, for details.

Getting There: Rodriguez is in the Ganim Technology building on Kiryat Hamada St close to the corner of Golda Meir Blvd, across from the Paz station. This tech park has several large parking lots where spaces are available in the evening. There is underground pay parking in the building.

From the menu:
Fine dining comes at a cost, but there is a range of dishes and prices:
Platter of starter salads served with focaccia: free with main course, NIS 45 without. American burger NIS 99, Asado NIS 169., Meurav Yerushalmi NIS 109. Premium Entrecote steak NIS 199. Lamb chops NIS 249. Prime Rib NIS 299. Fish nis 139.

Click here for a 10% discount coupon on your next order at Rodriguez. Print out this coupon and present it at the restaurant.