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Sasha Cafe
35 Sasha Argov St,, at the sportek, Neve Zemer
Tel: 09-9747965
Kashrut: Rabbanut Raanana

Open Sunday – Thursday 8:00am - 10:30pm. Friday 8:00 am till 2 hours before Shabbat. Closed Shabbat.

May 2019
Neve Zemer, the new neighborhood in northern Raanana, has a kosher restaurant.

The theme of the Neve Zemer neighborhood is music, and all the streets are named for personalities from the Israeli music scene of yore. Driving through this neighborhood you can test your knowledge of major figures in Israeli music. There is Ehud Manor St.,Naomi Shemer and Sasha Argov streets.

In the middle of all this is a lovely circular building, home to Sasha kosher Café Restaurant. This unique property has indoor seating and outdoor seating under big umbrellas. A bank of water fountains bubble up from the ground. Children and parents who are young at heart can feel free to cool off in the inviting water.

Sasha is such a charming cafe that folks come from far and wide to enjoy the food and the great atmosphere. The interior is bright and cheerful with seating in the round against a panel of tall windows. A beautiful display of pastries and fresh flowers adds to the charming atmosphere of this restaurant.

Sasha Cafe has become the go-to place after gan/school when parents bring their children to cool off in the fountains while they enjoy a cuppa with friends (see photo below). The restaurant welcomes families with a story hour for children from age 2. Call for details.

The Sasha Cafe Menu

Good morning folks. Enjoy one of the Shasha breakfasts that start with a simple cuppa with a pastry or a sandwich. Or enjoy my favorite a Sasha power breakfast of Eggs in a nest made with Challa and drippy cheese. In the American Mid West we used to call these Rocky Mountain Eggs.

Turkish Bourekas is a fine way to start any day, with dough-filled spinach, cheese and potatoes. I have to wonder about Templar's Breakfast, which includes hot focaccia with cream cheese, smoked salmon and a fried egg. Is this what the Templar crusaders ate in the 12th century? Shakshouka comes in Red (tomatoes) or Green (spinach) and is served with a lot of extras. Breakfast is served till 12:30 so don't sleep late.

The menu goes on with a lovely selection of sandwiches. There is an omelette sandwich, sebiche, Tunisian sandwich and more.

"Open Up Your Appetite" the menu suggests with starters such as oven roasted cauliflower and stuffed grape leaves. There is a great selection of salads and pasta dishes.

While you and your companions are enjoying your meal, your children will enjoy the afternoon pizza or pasta meals sized and priced for kids. A kids portion of fish & chips is also a favorite.

"Lets Get To the Mains" says the menu and offers salmon fillet, Denise fillet and fish & chips. Salmon fettucini and lasagna are also available. Vegans will not be disappointed with the vegan patties or vegan shwarma.

You don't want to miss one of the delicious Sasha desserts. Pastries are on display and can be purchased to take home.

Events: The restaurant can host events for up to 45 diners. While events are held inside, the restaurant continues to host diners on the outdoor front patio.

From the menu: Breakfast for two NIS 112; Turkish Bourekas 36; Templar's Breakfast NIS 59; Salmon Filet 100; Friday brunch, eggs and shakshouka NIS 79 pp cannot be shared.

Getting There and Parking:If you search Sportek in Waze it will take you to the Sportek on Shlonsky St. Wrong place. Enter either the correct address or sportek in Neve Zemer.
We crossed Weitzman Blvd at Hanesiim St into Neve Zemer and found ourselves on Naomi Shemer Street. Turn left on to Sasha Argov at the first traffic circle and a few meters down you will see the building on your left side. There is street parking on Argov or park in the lot for the sportek.

Click here for a 10% discount coupon on your next visit to Sasha Cafe. Print out this coupon and present it at the restaurant.