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8 Borshovsky St., Industrial entertainment park, Rishon Letzion
Tel: 03-654 3207
Kashrut: Rabbanut Rishon Letzion mehadrin Chatam Sofer

Open Sunday - Thursday: 8:00 am. - midnight. Motzei Shabbat: one hour after Shabbat till midnight.
Closed Shabbat.


June 2017
Sorento is a dairy restaurant in the heart of Rishon's recreational industrial park. This area is filled with restaurants, pubs, and a lively night life. Sorento and its sister restaurant Campania stand alone in a single building. These are two of the few kosher restaurants in the area, closed on Shabbat.

Sorento is a family restaurant where they know your name. Owner Itzik and brother Or are partners in this endeavor, one brother out front and the other in charge of the kitchen. This must be the only restaurant where the waitress/hostess can boast 3.5 years on the job. She is considered part of the family, as are the customers, who return again and again.

Sorento restaurant is not only about dining, it is about peaceful coexistence. The restaurant clientele ranges from non-observant to Chabad. Each enjoys the lovely menu, the fine food, and the great and personal service. It is no wonder that Sorento was voted as the best kosher restaurant in the city on zap rest,

About the Sorento Menu

The Sorento menu offers a variety of Italian favorites, vegan dishes, breakfasts, pizza, and fish dishes. The kashrut is Mehadrin Chatam Sofer.

My companion and I started our meal with the signature eggplant starter. This starter has three individual rolled eggplant slices filled with cheese, covered in a crispy batter on a platter with Rose sauce. The three individual pieces makes this an easy starter to share - not a bad idea because the main courses are very generous.

Fresh Kitchen Jerusalem day outside view Fresh Kitchen Jerusalem night outside view

I chose the fish & chips for my main course and my companion chose the lasagna. Our hostess tried to direct us to more popular dishes, but these are our favorites at dairy restaurants and we were not disappointed. The lasagna, listed under specials, was served in a large oval baking dish. It was very hot, rich in cheese, chewy, and flavorful. Sorento offers only sweet potato lasagna, with the pasta as a base and the vegetable, cheese and sauce are layered on top. All too often lasagna is a disappointment at restaurants because either the item is on the menu but not available or it is served partially cold having obviously been prepared earlier, frozen and then microwaved. Not at Sorento. This was fresh, made-on-the-spot lasagna. We recommend it highly.

The fish & chips comes on a platter with enough food for an army. The chef uses small Burie fish (Grey Mullet) for this dish,an unusual choice and a bit unexpected. The fish had a crumb coating and was crisp and yummy. A nice fresh salad was served with the dish accompanied by tehina and a French-style dressing for the salad, and a spicy sauce for the fish. There must be totally delicious dairy desserts but we were not up to it after the appetizer and the main courses.

Fresh Kitchen Red Shatshuka
The service at Sorento is like no other. It starts with the charming waitress who guided us through the menu. By the time we ordered we felt that had become friends. Owner Itzik is in love with technology and he has implemented a lot of tech-tools at the restaurant. The waitress, for example, takes your order on a tablet. After you have chosen your first course she broadcasts it to the kitchen. So by the time you have finished your full order the first courses are ready to come out. Is that cool or what?

More About Sorento

We were impressed with the modern design and comfortable seating at the restaurant. There is both indoor seating and outdoor seating on the patio, and a private room on the upper floor.

Fresh Kitchen Cuscus SaladPrivate and business events can be celebrated in Sorrento with a maximum of 120 people. To this end, two private rooms have been set up and a rich menu of events that you will not find anywhere. Sorrento invites you to enjoy an abundance of food, excellent service and a chic and charming atmosphere right next to the house.

From the menu: Rolled Eggplant starter NIS 44. Haloumi cheese skewers NIS 40. Cheese & Fries NIS 34. Fresh salads NIS 54-58. Pasta with sauce NIS 56. Pizza NIS 52. Fish NIS 90. Lasagna NIS 58. Fish & Chips NIS 69. Desserts NIS 40.

Location and Parking: Sorento restaurant is located in the old Rishon industrial area which is now a leisure activities center filled with restaurants and pubs. There is a public parking lot adjacent to the restaurant. Free parking. It could not be easier.

Fresh Kitchen Dessert Corner
Events at Sorento Restaurant

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