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68 Yirmiyahu St., Romema, Jerusalem
Tel: 02-5443111
Kashrut: Kehilot Eida charedit
wheelchair accessible

Open Sunday - Thursday:11:00am - 10:00 pm. Friday till 1:00pm. Motzei Shabbat two hours after shabbat. Closed Shabbat.

Sushi N Bagels

November 2022
I bet you thought that sushi and bagels did not go together. This strange "shatnez" works very well at Sushi N Bagels, one of the many eateries on Yirmiyahu Street, Romema, Jerusalem. Dine in, in the informal dining space. Call to order for delivery within Jerusalem or swing by the restaurant for curb side pickup. You can drive right on to the sidewalk in front, if the space is not already taken.

Sushi N Bagels is unique in that it is the only sushi restaurant in Israel with the Eida Haredi stamp of approval.

Unable to purchase sushi ingredients that would meet the requirements of the Eida Haredit kashrut, Avi set off to develop them himself. The journey creating strictly kosher sushi ingredients began in Japan's fishing port city of Fukoako and then to Shizouka to create their very own Nori - dried edible seaweed used in Japanese cuisine.

Most seaweed for sushi comes from Korea, he tells us. But the Japanese are especially careful about cleanliness. The seaweed produced by Avi's crew in Japan meets the stringent kashrut standards of the Eida Haredit. Avi travels to Japan several times a year to process his own seaweed,.

All the other ingredients for the sushi at ShushiNBagels are made in house under the strictest kashrut and cleanliness supervision. Some of the sauces are made in Israel, but many of the ingredients are prepared in Japan. You will notice that the sauces that come with the take away are packaged with the Sushi N Bagels logo. Cool.

The next challenge was to create their own rice vinegar & other important staple ingredients required for sushi. After months of research and tests in late 2020 they finally launched the sushi which has now become famous.

Folks who have not been eating sushi up till now are in for a surprise. These delicious morsels of pop-in-your-mouth flavors are popular at kiddushim, smachot, and folks often order platters for private dinners at home. When we have a large crowd at our table i have been known to order a sushi platter as the starter course. Everyone digs in, making this a great sharing dish.

Sushi N Bagels has a good selection of sushi. There are all vegetarian and fish maki and sandwiches. There is spicy tuna and non-spicy sushi rolls, with and without tempura. In case you don't see it on the menu you can make your own combination sushi. Poke bowls are also available, with and without fish.

We stopped in at Sushi N Bagels to order take away. We chose a vegetarian sushi roll. It came packaged with soy sauce, teriyaki sauce, and spicy mayonnaise, There was no wasabi and no ginger. What happened? Is that a kashrut issue?
We were not sure.

Avi does not sell the products to other food producers. SushiN Bagels is the only location where these products are available.

NIS 25 delivery within Jerusalem

From the menu:
veggie maki roll 8 pieces NIS 20 - 25
fish maki roll 8 pieces NIS 30 - 35
fancy fish and tempura rolls 8 pieces NIS 45 - 50
Shizouka  NIS 45
Sandwiches 4 pieces NIS 34 - 38
Dessert NIS 46

Click here for a coupon for a free drink on your next order of 150 shekels or more at Sushi N Bagels Restaurant. Show this coupon on the eLuna app or print out this coupon and present it at the restaurant.