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21 Keren Kayemet, Shaarei Hessed, Jerusalem
Tel: 1700 500 222
Kashrut: Rabbanut Yerushalayim, Mahpud

Open Sunday - Thursday 11am till 11pm, Motzash one hour after shabbat till 4am
Closed Friday and Shabbat


June 2019 Revisited April 2022
There is a fine line between street food and full menu restaurants. Tommy's is just on the restaurant side of that line. You can eat almost all the main courses in a bun in your hand. But there are also starters and salads delivered to your table in disposable bowls. With that, we graduate from street food to restaurant.

Tommy's is a small restaurant on Keren Kayemet St, in the delightful neighborhood of Shaarei Hessed. Tommy's is one of string of tiny shops and eateries, which is a part of the charm of this neighborhood.

With just a handful of tables-for-2 inside, and another few tables streetside, many prefer Tommy's delivered to their location. Motorbikes from different sources, including their own, with their logo, buzz around the restaurant picking up food for delivery throughout Jerusalem.

The Tommy's menu is bigger than the place itself. You'll wonder how so many dishes can come out of that small kitchen. Well, it is an open kitchen so you can see for yourself. I would think that the star of the show, appearing front and center in the menu, are the burgers. But in fact there are many other choices. There are a variety of chichen sandwiches, salads, starters and choices for the kids. Gorgeous colored pictures of the dishes flash on a screen at the counter, helping you make your choice.

Owner Tomer tells us that the most popular orders are the burgers so I guess that despite the variety, they are the stars. If the Shekel is not the issue, you want to go for either the Asado Burger topped with a fried egg or the Crispy Burger topped with pulled meat. Non meat eaters can enjoy a Tofu Burger or a mushroom burger (grilled with the meat burgers). The menu offers more economical burgers such as the Classic Burger in two sizes, the Tommy's Burger and a Chicken Burger.

Tommy's American customers come from different parts of the city for the very American Sloppy Joe sandwich, not offered at most meat restaurants. For those not initiated this is ground beef with tomato sauce and spices, dripping and leaking out of a fresh bun. Not to be missed. Another favorite of the folks from abroad are the Chicken Poppers. These are Buffalo sauce chicken tenders.

The meat for these burgers comes mostly from Argentina, with the Machpud hashgacha. It is delivered three times a week, and ground at the restaurant every second day. What is the secret ingredient in the ground meat? Nothing more than salt and pepper, says Tomer, for the real taste of the meat.

eLuna Visits Tommy's
We stopped in at Tommy's for a late lunch on our way back to Tel Aviv after a long morning in Jerualem. My companion's mouth was watering for one of Tommy's specialty burgers. But when he saw the Buffalo wings on the starter menu, he gave it up for both a first course of wings and a burger with a side order of chips and a cola zero. Going lighter, I chose the quinoa salad. This was a good size bowl of fresh lettuce and tomatoes on a quinoa base, served with a garlic and mustard sauce.

There are several non-meat vegetable dishes on the menu such as a yummy looking tempura coated cauliflower starter and an Onion Blossom.Note that all the dishes in the Tommy's kitchen, even those that do not contain meat, must be considered meaty.

The dishes that we enjoyed were satisfying and plentiful, and we thought quite reasonable for the quality and quantity of food. With a full belly, my companion declared "Ah, I feel like I have eaten." So we returned to Central Israel were Sloppy Joe is an unknown.

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