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54 Haneviim Street, Jerusalem
Tel: 02-6247432

Kashrut: Rabbanut Jerusalem

Revised July 2012
Veteran Vaqueiro restaurant,became known some years ago for its South American all-you-can-eat meat dinner. Vaqueiro was one of the first restaurants to adopt this model. Now, all these years later, Vaqueiro has something new to offer.

First, Stanley, the well known South African restaurateur has joined Vaqueiro. Stanley was the guy behind some of the most successful restaurants in Jerusalem. Stanley's new concept for Vaqueiro adds several South African items to the ala carte menu. He has lowered the prices on the fixed price all-you-can-eat menu as well as the ala carte items.

On the new menu appetizers come in at under 25 shekels. Folks who like fresh, green and healthy salads will enjoy the Turkey breast salad or the fresh vegetarian salad. Main courses are what you would expect in a gill house, but you will be pleased to see the new prices. A Jo'Burger with freshly ground meat on a fresh bun starts at NIS 38, Pargiot at NIS 49 and Entrecote Steak at NIS 85.

Stanley has added Bredie, the traditional South African lamb stew to the Vaqueiro menu. In addition he has added fish & chips served in paper, the way they used to have it in South Africa.

The famous Brazilians "Churascuria" - an all you can eat girill meat menu that put Vaqueiro on the map is still served at the restaurant but at a new lower price. There is no written menu. 149 shekels gets you 10 different meat courses, including six salads, bread and roast potatoes. The salads change daily with the whim of the chef, but you can expect to find a good potato salad, a pasta salad, cabbage salad, an eggplant dish, a beet and apple salad or an orange and onion salad. The salads are also all you can eat, but caution, don't fill up on salads and bread when the best is yet to come. This is most definitely meat lovers paradise, but if perchance there is a non-meat eater in your party, salmon is available.

The well-trained staff serve all the food family style and will explain each dish. At any stage you may ask for seconds. Another strategy is to try all ten dishes and then ask for seconds of something you really like. Either way you won't leave hungry.

Vaquero in on Haneviim St, one of the most beautiful and historic streets in the city. The restaurant is in a lovingly restored heritage building. The interior is divided into intimate areas and a big space ideal for family gatherings. The lovely spacious outdoor porch is the place to sit to enjoy the delicious Jerusalem air. This is also an ideal location for parties and get-togethers.

Click here for a 10% discount coupon on your next order at Vaqueiro Grill House. Print out this coupon and present it at the restaurant.

From eLuna Members:
Submitted by: Brenda Pickman. Date: November 2012 , Description: People are normally very quick to complain but neglect to give praise as well when due. I am sure that you welcome feedback on the resaurants that you advertise, be it negative or positive. We visited Vaqueiro, and at the risk of sounding like a cliche, it was a "culinary experience" and not just a meal. We ordered the eat as much as you can, and the delicious meat just kept coming. I have never had corned beef as good as that outside of a deli, and the owner was proudly happy to share his recipe and give tips. The waitress was friendly and delightful. The stories and anecdotes accompanying the food only added to the experience. The desserts were a bit dissapointing...maybe our expectations after the superb and varied meats were too high, but what the heck, you go to Vaqueiro for the meat.
The Pickmans