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61 Ibn Gvirol St. Tel Aviv
Tel: 072-240-5398
Kashrut: Rabbanut Tel Aviv (Dairy)

Open Sunday - Wednesday: 11:00 am. till 12:00 midnight. Thursday: 11:00 am - 1:00 am.. Friday: 9:00 am. - 3:00 pm. Open Motzei Shabbat: Half hour after Shabbat - 1:30 am.. Closed Shabbat.

Waffle Bar

March 2016
The challenge:
1. Eat a nutritious meal at a Waffle Bar restaurant.
2. Park the car within walking distance of the Waffle Bar Restaurant on Ibn Gvirol St.

Lets take the parking challenge first, because this is the order of things. Don't count on finding street parking. If you have come by car, it is most likely that you will have to park in a pay lot. We found convenient parking within easy walking distance in the underground garage at 1 Zeitlin Street. The garage can be reached by making a right off Ibn Gvirol if you are coming north, or by crossing Ibn Gvirol if you come east on Frishman Street along the southern edge of Rabin Square. This lot is across the street and a few shops down from the restaurant. Mission accomplished.

Nutritious eating at Waffle Bar Restaurants:
There is a great temptation to indulge in one of the Waffle Bar sinful desserts. This is the coffee shop for folks with a sweet tooth. The cafe specialize in Belgian Waffles and French Crepes, of course with all of the toppings, and sauces. All around you, other diners are enjoying creations with ice cream and whipped cream.

As good as they look, these desserts do not substitute for a nutritious meal. So we set out to eat a good healthy meal at Waffle Bar Tel Aviv.

Waffle Bar  - Indoors

Indoor seating at the entrance to the restaurant, is retro-style booth seating. We don't like sitting Seinfield-style so we opted for regular tables outside. To say that there is no atmosphere out front, is to state the obvious. But toward the back of the restaurant you will find a big glass-enclosed section of standard tables and chairs, facing a swatch of greenery. This is definitely the place to sit.

About The Waffle Bar Menu and Eating Healthy

The one-card menu (either Hebrew or English) offers a great number of sweet desserts. But voila there is also a section of wraps and salads rich in cooked and fresh vegetables. There are also pasta dishes, toastim and specials. After some deliberation my companion chose a mushroom wrap and I chose a warm salad.

Two "zavtig" wraps come on the platter. Crossed over one other, with melted cheese spilling out, they make a very attractive presentation. Not only did they look good, they were quite tasty and filling. My warm salad - the most expensive on the menu at NIS 60 - was a generous portion of stir fried mushrooms, green beans, tomatoes, and other veggies, on a bed of lettuce. This was served with your choice of house or hole wheat bread and a small bowl of techina. This salad was far more than we could eat at one sitting, and the restaurant was very cooperative about packing it up to take home.
This is Tel Aviv, where space is a premium. So the rest rooms and Netilat yadayim are up a close spiral staircase. Not for everyone, these stairs.

Waffle Bar - Tel Aviv - Wrap Waffle Bar - Tel Aviv - Wrap

My companion finished up with a cup of decaf coffee and we were on our way. This was quite an enjoyable visit. The food was tasty, the service was attentive and efficient, and the dining was thrifty both in the calories and in the cost. The bill for the two of us was NIS 115. Had we rounded our meal off with a handsome dessert, we would have come to about NIS 150 for two.

Waffle Bar - Tel Aviv - Breakfast

As mother insists, once you have had your nutrition, you can have dessert. There is no shortage of enormous enticing desserts at Waffle Bar. Enjoy.
Note: Waffle bar has options for private parties and catering.

Waffle Bar - Tel Aviv - Dessert

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