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13 Mamila, Jerusalem
Tel: 02-5020555
Kashrut: mehadrin Badatz Beit Yosef

Open Sunday - Thursday: Noon till midnight. Friday: Noon - till two hours before Shabbat.
Open Motzei Shabbat: One and a half hour after Shabbat till midinght. Closed Shabbat.

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Joy Meat In

Revisited February 2020
I love the Mamila Center. I don't live in Jerusalem, so every time I come to Mamila I feel like it is one of the Regalim (3 major festivals) and I am oleh regel. There are lights strung across the main streets, shop windows filled with dazzling goods and the whole center is packed with visitors, tourists and locals. The center is filled with merry-makers and you can hear just about every language on earth. This is just the way I imagine Jerusalem must have been during festivals at the time of the Beit Hamikdash. Wow.

Right in the middle of it all, sits one of the great Jerusalem restaurants - Joy Restaurant. There are many restaurants along the street at Mamila. bit Joy is special. Joy offers outdoor seating on the Mamila street level or indoor seating in the indoor dining space one flight of stairs down from street level. The indoor dining room is used primarily by groups and parties and perhaps it is preferable in the winter. At Mamila, I would not want to sit anywhere but on the street, where I can feel part of the party.

I must start with a word about the service staff. It will be hard to find a nicer bunch of people. They are helpful and attentive, and our every request was answered with a smile. The kitchen is on the lower flight and there are quite a lot of stairs for the wait staff to traverse. The work is well distributed between them, keeping up the pace of the meal.

We came to the restaurant pretty hungry, so we each chose a starter and a main from the menu. Anyone reading these pages knows that my companion loves soup. Even though the weather was pleasant and we sat outside in the covered area, he chose to start with a hot minestrone soup. While he was enjoying his soup I had the charred eggplant starter. This was great with focaccia, served with several spreads.

I chose the vegetarian Risotto main course. The risotto was rich in herbs and vegetables and was a good main course. My companion went with the burger, and was quite happy with his choice.

The servers at Joy were helpful and attentive and we were very comfortable at the restaurant. .

About the Joy Meat In Menu

J'oy Meat In restaurant in the Mamila mall is a good, moderately priced family-style meat restaurant. The menu is concise and readable, but the selection is large and diverse.

We started with the focaccia and dips. The mushrooms in Tereyaki sauce came highly recommended, and for good cause. This was an especially yummy dish made from fresh and crunchy mushrooms and cooked spinach in that delicious sweet sauce. The polenta appetizer, also recommended, is rich in vegetables, a nice balance to this heavy carb dish.

If it is a meat main course that you are after, choose from Lamb Kebabs and aged meats like Grilled Aged Entrecote, Prime Rib Entrecote on the Bone, Beef Fillet, Sirloin. And there's a lineup of meaty burgers. My companion bee-lined for the Philadelphia Meat Sandwich. This is a long hoagie sandwich made with sirloin, oily mustard, roast peppers, fried onions and chimichuri sauce. The sandwich was served attractively on a wooden board with spicy chips, all the rage these days. .

I am a traditionalist, so I went for the salmon platter. By that time I had eaten my way through too much of the menu, but the fish was too good to pass up.

Joy Meat In Joy Meat In

No need for dessert after that meal. But our waitress insisted that the desserts at Joy Meat In are worth the effort.

Beef Carpaccio: nis 54, Sea Fish Ceviche: nis 42, Roast Sirloin: nis 56, Grilled Aged Entrecote: nis 139, Beef Fillet: nis 165, Lamb Kebab: nis 88, Hamburger: nis 42 - 75.

Note: The building itself at Mamila dates back hundreds of years. Theodore Herzl himself stayed in this famous building, known as the Stern House.

J'oy's private rooms are available for event bookings.

From Our Readers:
Submitted by: lindagrad. Date: Sept 2014. Description: My husband and I visited this restaurant after winning an eluna auction. We ordered the prime rib without a bone and it was one of the best pieces of meat I have ever had! Weeks later I can't stop thinking about it and want to go back to order the same thing again. Prices are reasonable for a restaurant of this quality.

Submitted by: Chuck Lowenstein. Date: March 20, 2014. Description: We went to the new location in Mamilla Mall using a coupon we won at auction. The only thing better than the food was the service. We were so impressed that we took our daughter there for her birthday four days later. Once again, we had a wonderful experience.

I had the Sloppy Joy and, unlike its American counterparts, I did not need a pile of napkins to continually wipe the "sloppy" off my hands. However they do it, they manage to keep the taste of the sauce in the meat (and large bun) so that there is no dripping on the hands. Many compliments to Elinor who gave us an especially "sweet" ending.

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