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Korus Al Ha'esh

Center One, 43 Yirmiyahu St., Jerusalem
Kashrut: Meat Rabbanut Yerushalayim Kasher leMehadrin
Open Sunday - Thursday 11:00am till 12:00midnight. After Shabbat till midnight.
Closed Friday and Shabbat.

Korus Steak House

Korus is closed for renovations till mid February 2019.
It is best to call the restaurant to verify its status before going.

Updated January 2015
What is the average life span of a restaurant?
Whatever it is, Korus Steak House has outlived them all. And that is the very best recommendation.

Korus Al Haesh in the Center 1 shopping center is a traditional Israeli steak house offering lots of dips and salads , an amazing array of grilled meat dishes and some delicious fish offerings. Modern and nicely appointed, the dcor is fresh and the service very friendly. The restaurant has several seating options for parties of all sizes. Dining booths offer a degree of privacy on comfortable upholstered seats. Korus welcomes families with children.

Korus Al Haesh Steak House - Indoors

About The Korus Al Ha'esh Steak House Menu

Sit down and you will be brought a host of bowls with salads and dips free to diners who order a main course; and a mere NIS22 if you dont. Well worth it.

The starters include the ever popular Baladi eggplant with techina, hummus on its own or with mushrooms or meat, fingerlickin chicken wings in chilli sauce and for a winters day, a filling bean soup. There are over twenty, yes, twenty! beef, lamb and chicken dishes to choose from starting with a humble 150gr hamburger and ending with a 500gr portion of lamb chops. For a real treat, have the Korus entrecote steak, served on toast with zatar, with grilled chicken livers and fried onions alongside. Chicken comes in a variety of forms including schnitzel but my absolute favorite is the chicken steak made from tender pullet baby chicken light, flavoursome and juicy. The chefs here definitely know their onions (pun intended) and ensure that the meat be it beef, lamb or chicken - is just as it should be: nicely seared on the outside, while at the same time retaining its natural succulence and rich taste.

All meals come with two side dishes an unusually varied choice including rice, couscous, rice with green beans, Israeli salad, baked and pureed potatoes, chips and - my personal favourite baked sweet potato.

The Korus specials make choosing so much easier there are Korus duos consisting of pullet steak and chicken liver, pullet steak and lamb kebabs, or pullet steaks and entrecote. There are also a variety of salads: steak, chicken, and chicken liver are served on a bed of baby greens and vegetables giving you the best of both worlds.

For the children there is schnitzel, hamburgers, hot dogs and chicken breast, portion-sized for the kids all for NIS39.

Last but by no means least is the fish menu: there is salmon steak, mullet and trout grilled to perfection and served with a choice of sauces: lemon and garlic, cilantro and garlic, or chimichurri a sauce made of mixed green herbs, chilli and garlic in a base of wine vinegar. Distinctive and punchy, it complements the fish beautifully.

Korus Steak aims to offer its customers good, wholesome and generously proportioned meals. From us it gets a warm endorsement come when you are hungry, and enjoy!

Korush Al Haesh Steak House - Steak

Chicken wings in chilli sauce: NIS 32, Baladi eggplant with techina: NIS 32, shish kebab: NIS 69, Entrecote steak: NIS 89, chicken shawarma: NIS 69, tender chicken steak: NIS 89, grilled fish: NIS 89.

Customer Comments:
Aliza. Date: December 07. Comment: We visited this restaurant for its kashrut. Despite the fact that it was very busy and the ambience was frenetic, I can say that the chicken livers in carmelized soy sauce that I had was really good and the entrecote slivers on sauteed veggies that one of the other members of our party had was also good, though a little heavy on the peppers and light on the meat.  My cousin had the crispy shnitzel salad and she liked it alot, too. All these dishes were from the "new" menu, which is an insert to the regular menu with a few more-expensive dishes.  


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