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26 King David Street, Rehavia, Jerusalem
Tel: 02-624-0504
Kashrut: Badatz Mehadrin Rav Rubin
wheelchair friendly

Open Sunday - Thursday: 5;00pm. - 11:00pm. Closed Fridays and Shabbat.

Red Heifer Steakhouse Meat Restaurant

August 2021
If you know Jerusalem you surely know the Red Heifer Steakhouse, either personally or by its fine reputation. The restaurant is located in the heart of Jerusalem on King David Street in the new King David’s Crown complex. This is just across from the King David Hotel and just steps from The David Citadel Hotel, Mamilla Mall and walking distance from the Old City.

The Red Heifer Steakhouse is a restaurant for meat lovers. The menu offers a variety of meats for each course. This is a traditional steakhouse menu with a modern sensibility. The menu ranges from burgers and meat pizza pies, to high end hefty steaks and unique cuts, like Fillet Minion.

There is something for everyone on the Red Heifer menu, including some vegetarian dishes. Everything that is put on your table is made at the restaurant, including the pickles! All beef is hormone free and steaks are aged for the perfect 28 days in the restaurant aging facility.

Enjoy all of this, without sacrificing the kashrut. The restaurant is Glatt Kosher Lemehadrin under the supervision of Rav Rubin.The restaurant is open Sunday thru Thursday from 5:00 pm for dinner service.

eLuna Visited Red Heifer Restaurant
We were shown to our table by a charming waiter, and never missing a beat, the menu was brought to our table. At the top of the menu, we found a short list of inviting cocktails. We shared a Pomegranate Martini with two straws while we perused the menu. The tasty cocktail was both cold, tart and somehow also sweet.

The baguette-style rolls, sliced and toasted, were served with a spread of green olives. One should not go hungry,Gd forbid, while the orders are being prepared. My companion chose the grilled eggplant from the starter menu, a vegetarian option. It is served with the restaurant’s home-made tahini and a tomato salsa. The salsa has a few pieces of a very hot red pepper among the red tomatoes, so if you are sensitive to spicy foods, beware.

I needed help choosing my main course, as I was torn between the Rib Eye Steak and the Short Ribs in BBQ Sauce. The Red Heifer is clearly a Steak House so I chose the steak. The waiter promised me a tasting of the ribs so the steak was in order.

The restaurant signature dish is the Red Heifer Classic Rib Eye Steak with a side of French Fries. The steak was done to a perfect medium, as I requested, pink inside but not underdone or overdone. The steak was impressively large, almost too large for the plate. This was served with a sweet sauce of red wine and pomegranate juice. I loved to dip each piece of steak into this sauce. There was also a portion of ketchup for the fries.

The House Green Salad is normally a large meaty dish, with grilled chicken breast and pastrami on top of green vegetables and roasted vegetables. I’m afraid that we took the character out of this dish by asking for it vegetarian style, so that we could share it. Without the meat, it was parve in several senses of the word.

The service was polite, friendly and very fast. We had asked that the dishes come out together, so that we could share the dishes. After a very short wait, our table was overflowing with food.

While we were still eating, I got the promised tasting of the Short Ribs in BBQ sauce. This is slow-cooked beef, very different from the steak, and probably not what you would get by that name in American mid-west. The meet was soft and tender, and the sauce was thick and tasty. On my next visit, I will probably order the Short Ribs.

There are a variety of desserts, all presented on a plate for your choice. This is a lovely way to end a great meal. We chose a dessert called the Pluto, a ball of vanilla mousse with a ball of chocolate in the center, mounted on a cookie of chocolate Rice Krispies. That was a great end to the meal, with a very large espresso coffee. .

There are several dining areas. The main dining room hosts couples and small parties. The smaller room is ideal for intimate private events. The restaurant also has a comfortable outdoor space in front, where you will enjoy taking in Jerusalem’s charming atmosphere.

Parties and Events:
The Red Heifer is an excellent venue for parties and events, be it a Bar/Bat Mitzvah, Small wedding, Business event or family dinner. The private room can host up to 50guests. The entire restaurant seats 100 people. The outdoors space can accommodate up to 150 people. Please contact us and allow us to create a truly unforgettable event.
Red Heifer also offers quality catering and gourmet butcher service for Shabbat and Holidays.

Parking: There is limited street parking on King David Street. The closest lots are at the YMCA and around the corner .... Emile Bouta parking lot, at 10 Emile Bouta Street.
From the menu:
BURGER 170, RIB EYE STEAK 350 Grams (12 oz.) 225.

Click here for a 10% discount coupon on your next order at Red Heifer Steakhouse. This coupon applies from 5 till 7:30pm and must be presented with your bill by 7:30pm. Print out this coupon and present it at the restaurant. .