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Rose Marine
Fish Restaurant
8 Nitza Blvd, Netanya
Tel 09-8323322

Kashrut: Rabbanut Netanya, Fish and Meat

Open Sunday - Thursday 12:00 noon till 12:00 midnight. Saturday night after Shabbat. Closed Friday and Shabbat. Business lunch from 12 noon till 5pm.

Revised October 2013
Rose Marine, the landmark fish restaurant in the Nitza Blvd shopping center, is under new management. You'll recognize many of the things that you loved about the former restaurant, and then there are the new improvements.

The Nitza neighborhood is a quiet residential part of Netanya far away from the downtown "square". The restaurant has its own parking lot behind, and there is free parking on the street.

As we approached the restaurant we were impressed with its lovely "boardwalk" look. Though the sea is on the other side of the promenade, the restaurant has the relaxing ambiance of the waterfront. Outdoor tables under large white umbrellas are set with table cloths and placemats. Catch the sea breeze at an outdoors on a nice afternoon or evening. Indoor tables are set the same way, but inside the air conditioner keeps the room cool and comfortable.

Rose Marine Restaurant has had a face lift. It is amazing what a fresh coat of paint can do. Add to that tastefully chosen light fixtures above each table and charming framed classic prints. Discrete fishnet draped across the ceiling provides the maritime look.

Classic is the operant word for Rose Marine. You will enjoy a classic fish meal at this restaurant, with classic salads and classic fish dishes. When we visited this restaurant for a late lunch most of the tables, set for 4, were full.

We just settled into our seats when we were served a platter of two types of rolls on a cutting board with three spreads (including herring). A nibble, while we peruse the menu, a two page affair in both Hebrew and English, in a neatly kept plastic holder. So far so good. A Netilat Yadayim sink is conveniently located near the bar, a comfortable distance from the tables.

The menu offers at least 10 different types of fish, served either whole or fillet. Fish is served with chips, potatoes, and cooked vegetables. At the restaurant's recommendation we chose the Denise and the Forel fillets, two classics. Under its new ownership Rose Marine now offers a small selection of meats. Entrecote Steak and chicken shnitzel are the leaders. The shnitzel is a favorite among the children.

While the chef was preparing our selection, out came a great round tray laden with bowls of salads. The salads filled our table and kept us quite busy till our fish meals were served.
"Don't fill up on the bread" we were warned. Good advice. The fish is on the way.

The few minutes before our main course arrived gave us an interlude to appreciate the soft background music and the restaurant ambiance. Rose Marine is largely a neighborhood restaurant, and given the neighbors in Netanya the clientèle was a yard of the Netanya social fabric. You will hear a healthy dose of English English, American English, French, and of course Hebrew. The clients are mostly middle aged - this is not a teen hang out. There are families, and singles, girlfriends dining together, and couples.

The main courses are served on large oval platters with the fish, vegetables, a boat full of sauce and lemon. One platter had a healthy portion of coarsely cut chips and the other platter had two potatoes and a healthy chunk of sweet potato. My companion and I shared both our fish dishes and we both agreed that the fish and the vegetables were equally good. There was enough for us to share and there was plenty to satisfy all.

There was no need for dessert after that satisfying meal, so we said our blessings to our creator, nodded to the staff and departed.

Sea Bream Filet or grilled, NIS 89, Salmon fillet NIS 79., Salads with main course NIS 15. Salad only NIS 30. Soup NIS 25, Steak Entrecote (300 gr) NIS 85., Kebab NIS 67, Shnitzel NIS 56.

Comments on this Restaurant
Fodor's Member Reviews. Tenafly, NJ. Date: January, 2011.
A pleasant little restaurant across the street from the promenade, this is THE place to go for fresh fish, beautifully grilled. The salads were were delicious, and the service top notch.

Ratings details: Food: 5 | Atmosphere: 4 | Service: 5 | Value: 5

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