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Quality Meat Restaurant
Gdud 21 Street (corner with Shazar St.), Naharyia
Tel: 04-9824400
Kashrut: Rabbanut Naharyia mehadrin
meats Badatz Beit Yosef and Rav Machpud

Open Sunday - Thursday: 11:30 am. - 10:30 pm. Friday: 11:30 am. - 15:30 pm.
Motzei Shabbat: call to verify if open. Closed Shabbat.


June 2014
Following the article below, eLuna stopped at Shaitel Restaurant in Nahariya. The restaurant is the first door in a long line of shops alongside a gas station. But this does not detract in any way from the ambiance of the restaurant. The room is bright and inviting with large windows and generous spaces. The room is filled with pleasant light wood furnishings and ables are set with tablecloths. At night candles are set on the tables adding to the romantic feel.

We were impressed with the menu, and had we not just come from a huge hotel breakfast we would have been happy to have lunch at the restaurant. Generous owner Shimon will welcome you to his restaurant, a good place to dine alone or with the family.

March 2014

Submitted: By Laurie Rappaport (e-mail: for
Shaitel Quality Meat Restaurant Who said that you can't find a good kosher meat restaurant right in the heart of Nahariya?

Not me....not after my last trip to Nahariya when I wandered into the Shaitel restaurant with some friends for a late lunch. I generally don't eat much meat during the week but after seeing the waitress walking by with my fellow-diners' orders, I decided to make an exception....and was glad that I did!

Shaitel is a mehadrin meat restaurant. It's located at the corner of Highway 4 and Shazar Street, on the road leading south out of Nahariya.

About the Shaitel Menu

We started out with some luscious aromic bread and luscious salads which were obviously fresh and hand-cut. Then we started out with our first course. I love liver but it's hard to make kosher liver without overcooking it so Shaitel - Liver platterI decided to try Shaitel's liver. It was cooked with wine and onions and was succulent and not at all overcooked. My friends enjoyed the grilled, barbequed chicken wings, Moroccan cigars (meat rolled in dough), stir-fried mushrooms and ravioli. We traded dishes and tasted each other's -- I confess that, if I go back, I'll have some of the ravioli which was cooked al dente with an amazing olive oil sauce that melted in my mouth.

For our main course we again ordered different dishes and traded among ourselves. I ordered the mixed meat dish which included entrecote, sirloin and chicken, all in a delicious sauce that complimented, rather than overwhelmed, the meats. Sheitel - HamburgerTwo of my friends chose grilled meats -- one was thrilled with her grilled chicken breasts while the other was satisfied with her lamb kabobs. Our fourth friend chose a salmon dish that was cooked with olive oil and herbs which had obviously been freshly picked.

Shaitel also offers catering options and catering for events, including on Shabbat if you order ahead of time.

We visited the restaurant in mid-afternoon when it wasn't crowded but other friends have told me that it's a good idea to reserve a table if you plan to arrive at lunchtime or dinnertime.

Note: The restaurant is named for the cut of meat Shaitel.

Click here for a 10% discount coupon on your next order at Shaitel. Print out this coupon and present it at the restaurant.