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Taj Indian Restaurant
2 Rothchild Street, Or Akiva
Tel: 058 538 8440
Kashrut: Rabbanut Or Akiva

Open Sunday - Thursday:11:00 am. - 4:00 pm. Dinner: 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm. Closed Friday and Shabbat.

Taj Indian Restaurant

July 2024

After closing some years ago, Taj Indian restaurant has reopened. This quiet family restaurant was beloved back then and many eLuna members are glad to see it back. Note the new opening hours.
Submitted in 2018 by Sarah Ramler Cohen <>
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There are not many reasons to veer off Road 2 to Or Akiva - but Taj has made this town a destination in its own right. Kosher Indian food is a rare find in Israel, and this small, unassuming restaurant is a diamond in the rough.

Taj sits humbly among an eclectic row of eateries and offices on a one-block strip. Seating is limited, with three sidewalk tables and about four inside - so reservations are recommended. Nevertheless, there's always room at Taj, as another table was set up outside for a family just as we were leaving.

Indian food is potent, bold, and spicy- and I love it. Yet we were dining with my mother-in-law and my son - neither of whom are so familiar with the exotic melange of colour, aroma and flavour. Taj's authentic home-style cooking won all of us over. Here's how:

We began our meal with two starters - Chana Masala and Punjabi Samosa. The Chana Masala is arguably the most popular vegetarian dish in India, the kind of comfort food that tastes of home, whether home is Ahmedabad or Or Akiva. Taj's version of this tangy chickpea curry included aloo (potatoes) and was bathed in a light, tangy, deeply spiced gravy. My four year-old son loved it and finished the whole bowl.

The Punjabi Samosa was a delicious take on the familiar samosa - a fried pastry pyramid stuffed with potatoes and green peas. The accompanying chutneys included a refreshing coriander and coconut raita that delighted us all.

Thalis are a feast-on-a-plate in India, offering a variety of different curries, dahl, rice and chapati bread. Taj's vegetarian thali included spiced cabbage salad and a tangy zucchini curry, and the dahl, while subtle in its flavouring, was a family favourite

Fresh Kitchen Jerusalem day outside view Fresh Kitchen Jerusalem night outside view

We also ordered a Chicken Tikka, skewered chicken chunks that's spiced bright red and oh-so-succulent. The meat was tender and juicy and was served with fluffy basmati rice and more of that yummy dahl.

Not only is Taj's food something to remember - the warm and inviting service is what makes this restaurant stand out. This family business is led by Moshe Solomon, whose parents made aliyah from Mumbai in 1973. Moshe told us that Taj offers the best of his mum's kitchen, and she's there every night overseeing the authentic homestyle dishes that delight his customers.

We left Taj happy and satisfied - my mother-in-law, who had never tried Indian food before, returned a week later for some more. As for me - I plan to return again VERY soon to try the rest of the tantalising menu.

Prices are extremely reasonable, street parking is available nearby, and it's wheelchair accessible. Taj is superb for a quick curry fix - and puts Or Akiva on the map.

From the Taj Dinner Menu:
Taj is a meat restaurant with many vegetarian options, as is the Indian culinary tradition. And speaking of tradition, those familiar with Indian cuisine will enjoy their favorites traditinal dishes at Taj.
Batata vada NIS 35
Punjabi samosa NIS 38
Chicken tikka NIS 69
Chicken curry NIS 69

From eLuna Members
From: Valerie Jakar Date: Jan 4 2019. Comment: 
   A tiny place with a few small tables inside the premises and many more outside. Obviously a popular lunch place  and it is right next door to the Municipality building (one of the old houses of Or Akiba). When the weather is fine, it is a nice place to sit, but in the winter I imagine most people get take away. The proprietor  - Moshe - and his family - mum in the kitchen, brother serving -  are very generous and hospitable.  

Unfortunately, the bread  ( chapati  and nan) maker was indisposed  on the day we were there - refuah shlemah -  so we'll have to go back again.
We took a range of dishes   - to be sure to check out all the lovely flavors  - starting with a variety of stuffed pastries and a chicken patty which was delicious. 
We took a vegetarian Thali - which had a variety of cooked vegetable dishes, including Dhal - yummy orange lentil 'soup'  and pickles, -   a vegetarian Biryani and a Chicken Tikka.   
Generous portions meant that the meal was more than plenty for two ; our friends enjoyed tasters of the left-overs  the next day!
As a fine-dining experience, I recommend that you take it on a warm  summer  evening. But the take-away facility means that you can enjoy your meal wherever you like.  The beach is ten mins. drive away!!         Prices are reasonable, 60 - 80 for main courses.
All in all, this may have been the best Indian meal we have had in Israel  since the 1980s.       

Jack de Lowe Date: August 2018. Comment: Our family ate for the first time yesterday at Taj Indian Restaurant in Or Akiva.
The food is authentic, delicious, reasonable and served with a smile.
For more information see:
Jack de Lowe

From Tripadvisor:
Taj gets high marks on Tripadvisor. Here are some of the comments:

"We visited on 22 August with nine people. It is a small shop on a public square which has room for perhaps 15 people but tables also outside with a large cooling fan. 

The people are very friendly and helpful, originally from Mumbai. The food selection is modest compared to the curry houses of Britain but the dishes are nicely cooked, attractively presented and not too 'hot'. The appetizers were a nice size and the chicken Tikka was very good indeed, succulent and tasty; everyone enjoyed what they ordered."

"This is effectively one up from street food so no alcohol or desserts but nevertheless we left feeling full."

"A nice family run business, very good, sometimes excellent and delicate jewish indian dishes. The restaurant's design is very basic and it contains 4 tables for 4 indoors. The place is very clean. We visited there twice. The place opened some 6 months ago. Closed on Saturday."

" We had a wonderful dinner here, the nan was fantastic and also the vegetable Thali. We ordered many vegetarian dishes and all were yummy! Enjoy"

"Small, clean, outdoor seating too..very friendly and fast service. Food was great. Tasty. Vegetarian and chicken dishes. Very satisfying"

"...this restaurant is run by an Indian family, and the kitchen is 100% authentic. Indian cooking is not static, but includes tradition from many regions in India, so there is not just one style, but many. The one offered at this wonderful place, is one of many.

The food is very fresh, very well prepared, incredibly tasty and fairly priced! 

I have been to many Indian restaurants all over, in Italy, London, NY and Israel. and this is by far way up on the top of my list with a few others.

Highly recommended! It does not get much better than this out of India! 
Tip: its a small place, with 4 tables in side and one outside. I suggest calling in advance to make sure they have availability.. but if you have to wait, its worth it!!"


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