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Who are we:

From the folks who brought us the popular Sheyan Restaurant...
Enjoy fast and nutritious chinese food. Meat or vegetable options.

Stop in at Take A Wok with the family. Get extra benefits with the eLuna voucher.

Make your meal in three easy steps.
1. First choose your base. Will it be rice or noodes? Maybe rice noodles? Whole wheat noodles or no noodles, just vegetables.

2. Then choose your favorite toppings. Will it be chicken, meat, tofu, vegetables or beans.

3. Then choose your sauce: sweet, spicy, or whatever you prefer. .

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Where are we:
15 Sarei Yisrael , Jerusalem
(near the court)
Tel: 02-6636679

(click on the map) Underground parking in the mall. Entrance from Sarei Yisrael
Kashrut: Rabbanut Yerushalayim Badatz Agudat Yisrael


When are we open: Open Sunday - Thursday 12 noon- 11:00pm, One hour after Shabbat till 11:00pm
Closed Shabbat

Delivery throughout Jerusalem. The coupon applies to delivery.


How to make Dim Sum

look whose cooking

See the menu

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1 Box = NIS 50
Buy a coupon for 2 boxes on eLuna for NIS 100
With your coupon get an extra 5 dim sum or two soft drinks (20 sh value)
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