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7 Paran St., Commercial Center, Ramat Eshkol, Jerusalem
Tel: 02-5815434

Kashrut: Mehadrin Harav Rubin

Open Sunday - Thursday 8:00 am. - 11:30 pm. Friday 8:00 am. - 1:00 pm.
One hour after Shabbat till midnight. Closed Shabbat.

Waffle Bar

May 2012 revised May 2015
Waffle Bar restaurant in Ramat Eshkol is located in the commercial center near the post office. It has a small indoor seating area and an enclosed seating space outdoors. In the good weather there is additional outdoor seating under umbrellas.

Waffle Bar Ramat Eshkol - Outdoors

About The Waffle Bar Menu

We visited this restaurant on Friday afternoon, just a few hours before Shabbat. The restaurant was hopping, with full tables laden with yummy looking dishes. The challenge was to have a proper lunch at Waffle Bar and not just a sweet dessert.

We scanned the menu for lunch-appropriate foods. Wading past the many desserts, we found a section of pastas and baked specials. There were also vegetable wraps and another section of non-sweet crêpes. I chose the red pepper crêpe and my companion chose one of the vegetable wraps.

We did not have to wait very long before our meals were served. This was impressive because the restaurant was quite busy. Both dishes were nicely presented. I had quite a generous crêpe filled with vegetables and melted cheese. This was served on an attractive glass dish, with salad and dressing on the side. My companion was served two wraps that looked a bit like egg rolls. They were also served with a side salad. Both dishes were very tasty and appreciated by us both.

Waffle Bar Ramat Eshkol - PancakesSince our last visit, the restaurant menu has expanded and now offers a selection of attractive breakfasts ranging from a simple coffee and a Danish to pancakes and waffles (of course). Sandwiches are served with black grain bread and a side salad. Shakshouka - 7 types of shakshouka including Greek, Green, Spanish and more - is also served with focaccia bread and a side salad.

And then there are the waffles! Belgian waffles to be precise. These are served with vanilla ice cream and whipped cream. There are 20 choices of Belgian waffles that range from the basic to the embellished. After all, this is a waffle bar. But waffles are not the only desserts. Waffle Bar Ramat Eshkol - WafflesThere is chocolate fondue, ice cream sundaes and sweet French crepes. If you are not indulging your sweet tooth today you can treat yourself to a salty crêpe filled with vegetables, smoked salmon, or cheese. That works. Nutritious lafa wraps also fill the bill, including mushroom, mozzarella and Italian flavored wraps.

Not just desserts, Waffle Bar offers pasta, ravioli, and even salmon fillet. See the menu under Specials. There you will find a selection of focaccia dishes reminiscent of pizza, spaghetti with yummy sauces and ravioli with creamy fillings. Not to neglect the last page of the menu offering cold and hot drinks, milk shakes, lemonana, and more.

Waffle Bar Ramat Eshkol -  Fish and Chips

In the mornings, Waffle Bar offers a breakfast menu. Their pancakes are served on a special, compartmentalized platter that includes at least 4 different kinds of sauces, whipped cream, ice cream, and cut up fruits. They also offer traditional, Israeli breakfast options.

In keeping with its name, Waffle Bar offers approximately 20 different kinds of waffles. Toppings include different fruit, syrups, and ice cream combinations.

The prices at Waffle Bar are reasonable with a typical main course in the mid-40 to mid-50 shekel range and the waffles all about 40 shekels, some more and some less expensive depending on the toppings.

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