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Waffle Factory

Cafe and Restaurant
24 Emek Refaim, German Colony, Jerusalem
Tel: 02-567-2049
Kashrut: Rabbanut Yerushalayim

Open Sunday - Thursday 9:00am till 2:00am. Friday 9:00am till one hour before Shabbat..
Motzai Shabbat: One hour after Shabbat till 2:00am. Closed Shabbat.

This write up was submitted by Sara Freedman []
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March 2013
Even to those who claim that Emek Refaim had enough coffee shops - one visit to Waffle Factory will convince them otherwise! Waffle Factory is located at the top of Emek Refaim ( where Selina used to be located) and uses the narrow space that it has, very well. The colours inside the restaurant are all bright and light to give the restaurant a larger feel (lots of white and light green) and the kitchen area is enclosed by glass windows. As a germophobe who is always afraid of what goes on in the kitchen, it is comforting to be able to see the food being prepared and the cleanliness of the kitchen area. The bathroom area also utilizes space well with an artsy sink that works both for the men and the ladies rooms, without compromising on privacy. The booths are roomy and both the couches and chairs comfortable and accommodating even for the not-so-thin among us. The tables are well-spaced so that you don't feel like you are eating your meal with other diners - not something that can be said of all the coffee shops on Emek Refaim.

About the Complete Waffle Factory Menu

Aside from the plethora of waffles and crepes available, Waffle Factory offers an impressive selection of main courses and "real" food. Their salads are presented very nicely and are accompanied by a foccacia and spread. I would recommend the stir-fry salad. Waffle Factory also offers an array of "laffa-toasts" These are grilled-cheese sandwiches with different fillings but toasted inside a laffa bread that is served on a salad bed. Their mushroom one is my favorite - but I cannot wait to try their laffa-toast with feta cheese and eggplant!

In the mornings, Waffle Factory also offers a breakfast menu. Their pancakes are served on a special, compartmentalized platter that includes at least 4 different kinds of sauces, whipped cream, ice cream, and cut up fruits. They also offer traditional, Israeli breakfast options.

racAll the dishes we have tried from Waffle Factory on Emek have been well-presented and tasty. Their deserts are simply out of this world...

In keeping with its name, Waffle Factory offers approximately 20 different kinds of waffles. Toppings include different fruit, syrups, and ice cream combinations. In addition to the waffles, Waffle Factory offers sweet and salty crepes. We have not yet tried either type but look forward to trying them soon.

Beating all the other coffee shops AND ice-cream parlours on the street - we think that Waffle Factory has the best milkshakes! They also have a unique desert that integrates ice cream, cookies, and other fun toppings in a sundae glass. After filling up on their tasty main dishes, we have looked jealously at others' deserts and seen how much these deserts were enjoyed!

The prices at Waffle Factory are reasonable with a typical main course in the mid-40 to mid-50 shekel range and the waffles all about 40 shekels, some more and some less expensive depending on the toppings.

We have been very satisfied from each visit to Waffle Factory and look forward to going back many more times in the future.

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