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Purim is pleased to bring you these suggestions for Purim. On this page you will find fun e-cards that you can send to friends and family, Megillot, good reading, good hamantashen and kreplach recipes. Get discounts on your Hamentashen at Pe'er bakery and discounts on your chocolaty Mishloach Manot. And don't foget to by Purim cards and support the important charities.

Purim Greeting Cards
Enjoy some fun Purim e-cards at Blue Mountain. Be sure to send them to your friends.
Bid on you Purim Seuda
Nini, Tel-Aviv Pe'er Bakery, Jeruslem for Hamentashen
Mazal Dagim, Savion Chocolate Dreams Company Mishloch Manot
Marvad Haksamim, Jerusalem    
Kinor David Jerusalem    
Please inform me about future auctions.
Reading for Purim

Megillat Esther Translation with a commentary anthologized from Talmudic, Midrashic and Rabbinic sources.
Paperback edition

Turnabout: The Malbim on Megillat Esther Rabbi Mendel Weinbach. The gripping story of the Purim miracle, in unique novelette form. Based on the Malbim's commentary. 190 pp. Targum Press

127 Insights into Megillat Esther , Rabbi Mendel Weinbach. Conflict, political intrigue, imminent doom, and miraculous redemption are the order of the day in this fascinating book on the Story of Esther. This is the gripping drama of Purim, told from a refreshing, dramatic perspective. 193 pp. Targum Press

Purim Recipes from favorite Kosher Cookbooks

The Book of Jewish Food : An Odyssey from Samarkand to New York by Claudia Roden,1996.
Hamantashen recipe


Budget Cooking - Elegant Dining The Kosher Experience
by Sue Epstein , 1996.
How to cook on a budget and still eat elegantly.
Aunt Esther's Kreplach recipe

The Sephardic Kitchen : The Healthy Food and Rich Culture of the Mediterranean Jews by Robert Sternberg ,1996.
Orejas de Haman - Hamantashen recipe from the Sephardic tradition.

Pe'er Bakery
5 Hamagid St
German Colony, Jerusalem
Tel: 02-563 2189
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Shushan Purim Seuda
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Chocolate Dreams
Designer Chocolate Mishloach Manot
Tel: 08-7442180
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Dash Cham
Israel gifts and baskets
Mishloach Manot
Israel: 02-672 2355
Fax: 972-2-672 4673

Purim greetings cards from Ezer Mizion

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