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Hatzot - 121 Agripas, Jerusalem 02-6244014

Dinner for Two at Hatzot Steak House, Jerusalem

Hatzot Steak House is part of Jerusalem's history. This landmark family restaurant was founded in 1970 and has been going strong since. Legend has it that Meurav Yerushalmi - the favorite Israeli mixed grill dish - was born at Hatzot Restaurant.  

Over the years the restaurant passed to younger generations who updated the restaurant, modernized it, retaining the special flavors that made it so popular. Hatzot is a classic Israeli grill restaurant, upgraded to a fine culinary experience.

121 Agripas, Jerusalem
Telephone: 02-6244014
Kashrut: Rabbanut Yerushalayim
Joy Bistro - 13 Mamila, Jerusalem 02-5020555
Joy Bistro restaurant in the Mamila mall is a good, moderately priced family-style meat restaurant. The Joy Bistro menu is a combination of Israeli-style food, European classic and Mediterranean style foods.

When you visit the mall, this is the place to stop for great burgers, grilled meat and fish specialties. Mamila does not bring people to Joy. Joy Bistro brings the traffic to Mamila. People come for this great restaurant, and enJOY the rest of the sights.

Mike's Place - 33 Yaffo St, Jerusalem 054-7991220
The only kosher branch in the renown chain, Mike’s Place is the epitome of the American sports bar. Great food, great people and all the high def TVs you can handle.

Come to Mike's Place to enjoy sports events broadcast on huge screens via satelite. Come other times for great music, live entertainment, acoustic shows, open mic night, jam sessions, live bands and great food and drink.

Rimon Bistro - 4 Luntz St, Jerusalem 1599501030
Located just off Ben-Yehuda on Lunz Street, Rimon Bistro, the meaty sister of Cafe Rimon, has something for everybody. This spacious restaurant, is perfect for every event and occasion with both delicious food and plenty of choices. Whether you desire a Shepherds Pie, tortillas, or one of the assorted grilled meats, Cafe Rimon can deliver.

With its convenient location, beautiful interior, and creative tantalizing food Rimon Bistro will be a favorite stop whenever you're in Jerusalem.
Tommys - 21 HaKeren HaKayemet, Jerusalem 02-650807
Burgers, Meat and chicken sandiches, salads, kebabs, sloppy joe, kids menu.
Kashrut: Mehadrin Rav Machpud
Delivery Available
Dudes - 4 Karminyan St, Netanya 09-765-3110
In the unofficial eLuna competition for the best burger in Israel, Dudes wins. This rustic, young-at-heart eatery is located on a narrow side street in downtown Netanya. Proprietor Daniel Raymond, with the equivalent of an Ivy League education in the Culinary Arts, has focused his talents on elevating the lowly burger to an art form.

The first secret is in the fresh meat, never frozen, delivered from the Golan Heights three times a week and ground twice a day. Then there is the secret sauce where the meat is marinated. Then there are the 5 unique sauces that come to your table with your burger. But the biggest secret is the restaurant’s location. But when you find it, you'll find a pay parking lot next door.


Karminyan St 4, Netanya
Tel: 09-765-3110
Entrecote - 28 A.D.Gordon, Petach-Tikva 03-9342510

The new Entrecote Grill House Restaurant is a fresh and new dining experience. Under new management the dining area has been redesigned and is now a wide-open space with decorative lattice partitions between tables. There is new comfortable furniture, light fixtures, and wall decorations.

At the heart of the menu are the grilled meats. There is a wide selection ranging from burgers and pargit to specialty meats grilled over coals. Under "Hot Grill" you will find chicken wings and pargit, etc., sausage, and more. The "Steak House" section lists higher end steak cuts priced by weight, and lamb chops.  The "Chef’s Recipes" section lists some of the family’s Caucasian dishes, as well as the Israeli favorites: chicken schnitzel, chicken livers and hamburgers.

Ruben Petach Tikva - 36 Shacham, Petach-Tikva 03-7153767
Ruben is a chain of kosher meat restaurants. It is best known for its burgers and smoked meat sandwiches. But don't think that Rubin is just a burger restaurant. The most popular menu items are indeed the burgers in a variety of shapes and sizes. But there are also other high-end meats that you should not miss.

Ruben burgers range from the classic to the specialty concept burgers. They all come in various sizes, with single and double patties and a variety of add-ons. The classic burgers are the most basic and least expensive. You can soup these up with additional vegetables and meats.

At my most recent visit to Ruben Petach Tikva, I raised the ante and indulged in the Ruben Spare Rib platter, the Rubens' flagship dish. I was pleasantly surprised to find such a delicious meat dish at a hamburger restaurant.