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eLuna lists hundreds of kosher restaurants throughout Israel.

Let eLuna@Your Service help you find the best restaurant for your enjoyment.
Note: No need to be a member of eLuna to enjoy this service.

Choose one of these personal services:

NIS 100 Tell us your preferences in our online form and eLuna@Your Service will personaly choose a restaurant for you. Complete 15 questions about your food preferences, your budget, the occasion, prefered location, etc.
NIS 300 Have a personal conversation with an eLuna representative who will guide you to the right restaurant for you.
Here's what you'll get:

* A personal phone conversation with our English-speaking representative.
* A recommendation for a restaurant based on your requirements.
* Reservations at the restaurant and guarantee that they will be expecting you.
* A coupon for a 10% discount at the restaurant of your choice.
* Check the times available and choose the time for your consultation in Google Calendar.
* Need an English-speaking taxi driver? We can help you.

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