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Jerusalem Kitchen
7 Hamaalot Street, Jerusalem
Tel: 02-579 0070
Kashrut: Mehuderet Rabbanut Yerushalayim. Rav Ben Tzur
Glatt meat, mehadrin chickens, mehadrin "greens."
Bishul Yisrael

Meuchas website

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Open Sunday Thursday 11:00am till 11:00pm. Dinner from 5pm. Friday take away buffet. Closed Shabbat.

Meuchas. Jerusalem Kitchen

August 2019
Meuchas has moved off King George to a larger location on Maalot St., Jerusalem (near the Yeshurun Synagogue). The new restaurant has space for couples, families, and for groups and parties. There are several different menus and a Friday Shabbat buffet. In the move, the Meuchas dinner menu has been upgraded. The dinner, served from 5pm is a now a high end grill menu of your favorite meats and Israeli style dishes.

Meuchas specializes in grilled meats, fresh salads,and Israeli comfort food. The menu is familiar, reminiscent of a classic but elegant Steak restaurant. The menu also offers vegetarian dishes cooked separately from the meat. Bring the family and the kids will enjoy the childrens menu.

The dinner menu is a simple one-page listing of enticing appetizers, side dishes and mains. Note that reservations are required.

What is an Israeli steakiya without salads? Meuchas offers a table of salads included with your main course. There is a fee of NIS 49 for salads without a main course.

The menu continues with a full selection of appetizers, humus dishies, and meat main courses. For your appetizer. go with one of the focaccia dishes served with Techina and prepared with vegetables or meat. Or you may prefer the traditional Hummus “Meuchas” Served with Chickpeas. mushrooms or Chopped Meat.

Though Meuchas is most certainly a meat restaurant, there are several vegetarian appetizers such as deep fried eggrolls, vegetable patties and fancy foods like Kubeh Nablus and the Middle Eastern Stuffed grape leaves-filled With onion and cabbage.

Main courses are for meat lovers. Grilled meats on skewers include Steak Entrecote, Kebobb, chicken Pullet, Chicken Breast, grilled Chicken Livers with stir-fried onions. Those who prefer fish will enjoy the baked salmon. Main courses are served with side dishes that include sweet potato fries and chips, and in addition,a rice and beans side dish or the Middle Eastern Couscous with vegetables.

You'll want to have a beer with your dinner, and Meuchas has a selection of alcoholic beverages.

About the Meuchas Family:
The owners of the restaurant are descendants of the well known Jerusalem Meyuchas family. Not always in the restaurant business, the Meyuchas was a family of rabbis, merchants and Spanish public figures. The ancestors arrived in Eretz Israel at the beginning of the sixteenth century in the immigration of the Spanish inquisition and in the seventeenth century from Izmir. They settled in Jerusalem and were one of the first families to set out outside the city walls.

From the menu:
Appetizers: Hummus “Meuchas” With Chickpeas (NIS 26) or Meat NIS 49, Focaccia with vegetables and Eggplant NIS 49 - 59. Mains: Entrecote (300 gr) NIS 139. Lamb chops NIS 159. Pargit NIS 90 chicken livers with onions NIS 90. Baked salmon NIS 90. Children's Shnitzel NIS 49.

- Take out buffet on Friday and erev chagim
- Lunch Menu (Served 11AM-5PM)
- Dinner Menu (Served FRom 5PM-11PM. Reservations required.)
Restaurant website:


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