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13 Ben Gurion St., Bnei Brak
Tel: 077-700-0333 / 03-947-4030
Kashrut: Rabbanut Bnei Brak, Mehadrin Badatz Bet Yosef. Shmita Lchumra.
Many products have a Chatam Sofer hashgacha

Open Sunday - Thursday: 11:30 am. - 12 Midnight.
Open Motzei Shabbat: Half an hour after Shabbat till midnight. Closed Friday and Shabbat.

Nagisa Sushi - Bnei Brak

November 2015
Nagisa Sushi, Bnei Brak, is a good sushi and Asian food restaurant located in the Concord Tower building, on Ben Gurion St. See "Location and Parking". The restaurant is on ground level and is handicap accessible. There is comfortable seating inside and outside the restaurant. 

Nagisa Sushi Bnei Brak prides itself on its kashrut. There are several full time mashgichim on the premises. The various hashgachot should cover everyone's kashrut requirements.

Nagisa Sushi - Outdoors

About The Nagisa Sushi Menu

Nagisa Sushi  Bnei Brak - NigiriJust like at the other Nagisa Sushi branches, the menu is presented on an electronic tablet. How 21st Century can you get. Your server will present you with a tablet with a clear and easy to use application where you can peruse the menu. The sections of the menu (starters, sushi, stir-fry, mains, etc.) each have their own page with photos and convenient indexing. (The only thing missing is the "buy" button.) We had no trouble at all finding the inside/out sushi that is our standard at sushi bars. Note that you should scroll down to the bottom of each page, or you will miss some of the dishes; there is no visual indication that there is more to the menu on the bottom of the page.

How does this mehadrin menu differ from the other kosher restaurants in the Nagisa Sushi restaurant chain? Not by much, we were told. Availability of some of the menu items depends on the shmita situation. Otherwise all the dishes are available and identical to the sister restaurants in the chain that are not mehadrin. 

We had already tried some of the dishes at the Kfar Saba branch of Nagisa Sushi, so we tried other dishes this time. At this visit we shared a starter, a noodle main dish and a sushi platter.

We started with the Mushrooms Tempura. This was a generous bowl of bite sized mushroom sections coated with tempura, lightly fried, and drizzled with sweet teriyaki sauce. The effect of the sauce was reminiscent of maple syrup. This was a dish that we would happily have again.

Nagisa Sushi Bnei Brak - Mushroms Tempura

For the main dish we tried the spicy chicken with noodles. This too was a generous portion, with lots of chicken in a bowl of noodles with green onions, miniature corns, mushrooms and a mild hot sauce. The sauce did not seem spicy initially, but it grows on you. After a few forks full, it was quite satisfying. The portion size is big enough to share if you order multiple dishes.

Nagisa Sushi Bnei Brak - Noodles

How do you visit is a Japanese restaurant without trying the sushi. We shared a roll of vegetarian inside-outs, with the customary ginger, soy sauce and extra wasabi. The ample pieces were lovely on a white platter with all the trimmings. The sushi is prepared at the colorful open sushi bar, and was delivered promptly. The restaurant offers a selection of desserts but after three generous Asian dishes, we skipped dessert.

Nagisa Sushi Bnei Brak - Vegetarian Sushi platter

Our bill came to 98 shekels. This was the best 98 shekels that we had spent in a long time. We left the restaurant relaxed and satisfied. There are several other branches of Nagisa Sushi, all kosher, and we look forward to our next visit to one of the other branch restaurants.

Location and Parking: The restaurant is on Ben Gurion St, not far from Abba Hillel St. Note that the restaurant is on the Beni Brak side (east side) of Ben Gurion Street. There is street parking in the evening and underground parking in the Concord building. Underground parking is accessed from the back of the building, not from Ben Gurion Street. .

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