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Papagaio Herzlia Steakhouse
The Arena Mall, Herzliya

Tel: 09-9564000

Kashrut: Rabbanut Herzelia

Open Sunday - Thursday: 12:00 noon - 11:00pm. Friday from 12:00 noon - 1 hour before Shabbat. Closed Shabbat and motzash.

June 2022
I asked the owner of a popular meat restaurant what he has for vegetarians. "The door" he answered
Laugh if you will, but when a table of people are licking their fingers and the one vegetarian is nursing a cup of tea, everyone is uncomfortable. The new Papagaio Steakhouse in Herzliya has figured this out. Papagaio, once a temple of meats, where vegetarian was a dirty word, is now offering a vegetarian main course.

There are big changes at Papagaio Herzlia Steakhouse. Under new management Papagaio Steakhouse has upgraded the interior with a new infrastructure, new furniture, a new bar, and a new menu that will surprise you. Meats have been added to the classic Brazilian all-you-can-eat menu. There is a good selection of ala carte dishes in a range of prices. And to our surprise the new menu considers non-meat eaters and offers a vegetarian dish and a fish dish. More changes are in the works and in the next few months Herzliya will see a spiffy and new Papagaio Steakhouse.

Wow! look at the size of those tables. And it is a good thing, because there will be plenty of food. Before you know it you will be handed an easy-to-read menu available in Hebrew and in English including appropriately sized and priced children's portions.

We started with a delicious strawberry Mojito made by the expert barman and owner Idan. Attractive and delicious, this is the cocktail you don't want to miss. You'll know that you are in an Israeli steakhouse when a warm pita and a selection of delicious salads are delivered to your table. Chimichuri and a herb dip come with the pita. Bowls of tehina, beet salad, Turkish salad and eggplant salad, substantial enough to share, follow. Want a refill? Not a problem. It will be hard to put in the stops, but we advise going light on these salads because there is so much more to come.

My dining partner is a sworn carnivore. His mouth was watering at the very mention of the name Papagaio. There are two classic Papagaio sharing menus: Con junto or the Brazilian menu, In both, a group of friends gathered around a table share a big platter of meats. Con junto, which means "together" is for people who know what they like. Just choose the type of meats in the mix, and the size of the portion between 750 gram and one kilo. Your order is delivered to the center of your table in a sizzling pan, to be shared by your party. The other shared meal is the classic Papagaio Brazilian menu. This is a massive tasting experience where you are brought repeated servings of a variety of meats until you cry uncle!

If everyone in your party is not on board with the group meals, Papagaio offers an ala carte menu. These are generous individual portions. The meats on the ala carte menu range from the less expensive hamburger to the lamb chops My companion's dreams came true when he chose a sizzling platter of 3 juicy lamb chops on the bone served with freshly cut vegetables. The lamb was sizzling hot, with nuggets of tasty lamb embedded the fat. You take a bit of the fat with the meat, for the flavor, and then gnaw the last of the meat off the bones. That really feeds the caveman in you.

Not up for meat? There is an alternative. The vegetarian mushroom platter was a deliciously prepared combo of two types of stir-fried mushrooms, spinach, cherry tomatoes and fresh cut greens in a teriyaki sauce. My companion enjoyed this vegetarian dish along with his very meaty main dish.

Q: So who's gonna go to Papagaio for mushrooms?
A: Spouses and friends of carnivores who don't want to spoil the party. When the crowd wants to go out for a big meat fest and one guy in the party doesn't partake, it spoils it for everyone. Now the restaurant offers that guy an alternative. Would that more meat restaurants offered non-meat alternatives.

Fish is not new on the Papagaio menu, but it has always been considered a compromise. The fish platter is an attractive presentation of salmon and fresh cut vegetables served with cut lemon. The generous portion of chips was enough for the two of us with some to spare. In fact all the portions were so plentiful they served us for lunch the following day.

Maybe not equally important, but certainly part of the experience, is the excellent presentation of the dishes. The plating is professional and enticing. The dishes are clean and attractive and just looking at the food brings on your appetite. Presentation is an art that the kitchen at Papagaio Herzlia has achieved. We were also impressed by the excellent wait staff, well trained and helpful.

The restaurant is located on the first floor of the Arena mall at the Herzlia Boat Marina. Park in the underground lot and elevator up to the first floor. With the exception of one or two low steps you can consider this a wheelchair friendly restaurant. Rest rooms and Netilat Yadayim are on the dining level. B'teavon!

The eLuna coupon entitles you to the business lunch special for two extra hours, from 5pm to 7pm. Show the eLuna coupon at the restaurant.

From the Menu:
Con junto dinner NIS 239 - 339 per person
Brazilian dinner Menu NIS 189 per person
Business special including salads: Salmon fillet platter NIS 119, Lamb chops 300 gr NIS 160. Burger 300gr NIS 79, Shnitzel NIS 69. The business meal is available an extra 2 hours with the eLuna coupon.

Click here for a coupon to extend the business lunch from 5 - 7pm at Papagaio Herzlia Steakhouse. Print out this coupon and present it at the restaurant.