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Kiryat Hamada 3, Har Hotzvim, Jerusalem
Tel: 02-6200400
Kashrut: Mehadrin Rav Ruben

Open Sunday - Thursday: 12 noon - 11:00 pm. Closed Friday and Shabbat.

Yama Bar Sushi & Wok

November 2021
Let's cut to the chase. And by that I mean the sushi.
In my opinion, when The Good Lord created sushi, he made the perfect food.
The king of the Yama kitchen is Yisrael Miretzky. American born, Yisrael comes to Yama with a wealth of experience in some of the best kitchens in Jerusalem. At Yama, Yisrael is meeting the challenge of "mehadrin min hamehadrin" food preparation.

Yama offers a full Asian menu, but we came to Yama for the sushi. And we were not disappointed. Sushi lovers rejoice. Yama offers a full page of excellent sushi: rolls, combinations, specials, and all the rest. The sushi, like all the dishes at Yama, meet the most stringent kashrut standards of the Rav Rubin supervision.

I like my sushi veggie and inside out, and that is what i got. Out came a beautiful platter of perfectly formed, large full pieces of inside/outside sushi covered in an oh-so-thin slice of avocado and topped with fried sweet potato crumbs. The platter came with a generous portion of wasabi, my favorite. I am pretty sushi-wise, and i can say that this was one of the great sushi dishes. Delicious. Heaven. I am still asking myself why I did not order another roll to take home.

But I am getting ahead of myself.
Before you get to the heart of the matter, there are a great selection of appetizers and non-sushi main dishes. We started our meal with delicious appetizers: vegetarian egg roll and Gyoza (a kind of Dim Sum). My many visits to Asian restaurants usually include a standard blintz-like egg roll with stringy vegetables inside. Instead I was delighted with the fresh crispy open roll, filled with fresh vegetables. This was served with pickled vegetables and a sweet sauce, a twist on Asian food.

The chef makes the Dim Sum Gyoza from scratch. You won't see that often. Gyoza are dough pockets stuffed with ground beef and onions. The dough pockets were soft, like Dim Sum, but crispy at the crimped edges. The attractively presented starter dish was accompanied by a sharp (but not too sharp!) sauce on the side.

After the egg roll, which was quite filling, I was ready for the sushi. In fact, I could not wait for the sushi. See above.

My companion went to town on the Mongolian Beef, from the main course section of the menu. This is a large bowl of strips of beef with celery,onions, peppers, garlic, scallions and thinly sliced squash over a bed of white rice, soaked in a generous quantity of beef broth. The broth settled to the bottom of the bowl, giving the rice a lovely meaty flavor. The beef was soft but crispy, and the dish was served piping hot, with steam visibly rising from the bown. This is a full dish that could be shared. As a strategy, you might consider ordering several courses to share between the members of your party. Nobody else is getting any of my egg roll and the sushi is all mine. But the main courses can be shared.

They say you eat with your eyes. If this is the case, you will love the dishes at Yama even before you taste them. All the dishes are beautifully presented on fine stone dishes in lovely shapes. Bamboo place mats add to the clean, minimalist atmosphere.

The dessert is a refreshing parve ice cream ball with a chocolate ball in the center. I don't know for sure, but i think this is the only dish in the restaurant not made in house.

Fixed price Lunch
Yama Sushi offers a fixed price lunch from noon till 4pm. There is a choice of three lunch menus starting at 48 shekels. This basic menu includes a starter of an egg roll or a salad and a sushi roll and a cold drink. Hungrier folks can choose one of two larger fixed-menu meals. The eLuna discount does not apply to the fixed price meals.

Nini Choo

1. During the day free parking is tight. There is convenient underground pay parking in the building.
2. Yama is located in the front of the building facing Hamada Street. The entrance is from the outside.
There is indoor and outdoor seating. The restaurant is wheelchair accessible.

From the menu:
Vegetarian egg roll NIS 29
Pad Thai veggie NIS 56. salmon + NIS 25. + chicken NIS 20
Beef Mongolia with rice NIS 94. Dim Sum/Gioza NIS 42
Sushi Tempura NIS 42. Vegetarian roll NIS 38

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