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The Authentic Moroccan Restaurant
3 Horkanos Street, Jerusalem
Tel: 02-6245406
Meat (with good vegetarian options)

Kashrut: Mehadrin

Open Sunday - Thursday 6pm till 10:00pm. Closed Friday and Shabbat.

View the take away menu and order by Thursday for Shabbat

revised October 06
Darna is centrally located on Horkanos Street, just a few steps from the corner of Heleni HaMalka. Horkonus runs parallel to Jaffa road to the north. It is two short blocks from Jaffa Road, very close to Harav Kook Street. There is limited parking on Horkonus, but there are several city parking lots on Haneviim near Harav Kook Street.

Note that there are several steps into the restaurant. A special device at the entrance enables handicapped people to traverse the stairs.

Darna is a strikingly beautiful restaurant - incredibly unique. Step through the archeddoorways and find yourself traveling to Bogart's Casablanca. Much care is invested in the small details that make this restaurant a true authentic trip to Morocco. Everything you see is imported from Morocco. Darna is a feast for your senses, from the magnificent Moorish decor, the gorgeous ceramics and highly polished copper utensils, to the last forkful of Moroccan-style food that you will eat in this restaurant.

This restaurant has several rooms, each more beautiful than the next. Even the flowers at Darna, which manager Ilan Sibony arranges himself, are magnificent. The spaciousness enables parties of all sizes to be entertained in comfort, in this restaurant. You can even make a wedding here...

See more at the Darna website.

As exciting as the atmosphere is, the food is quite unique as well. (Unless you are from Fez) The foods are flavored with herbs and spices - take for example the Moroccan Soup: veal, chickpeas, lentils, dates and lemon. Yes, that was just the soup.

Start with an array of salads served in glass bowls on a circular stand that swivels on a lazy-susan. The pastillas are one of the specialties at Darna. These are filled filo dough pastries. They are wonderfully crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. There are three types of pastillas on the menu - fish, meat or veggie, which is one of my favorite appetizers.

There are several options for the main course: A huge platter of couscous served with beef, chicken or 7 kinds of vegetables is more than a meal. Delicious and filling. Or try the Tagines - a succulent Moroccan cholent-styled dish, served with meat or Cornish hen. There are four kinds of lamb offered, each better than the next, taking full advantage of the many traditional Moroccan spices.

The specialty, for main courses is the Mechoui for two. This is an amazing dish of roast baby lamb shoulder with almonds. This is beautifully served and is absolutely delicious. Top it off with green tea and a plate of lovely Moroccan cookies.

The meals at Darna are fit for a king, but be prepared to pay a princely sum. Of course this depends on what you order, but be assured, nobody goes away hungry, or dissatisfied.

Try this...
The best thing to try is Darna itself. Their slogan is 100% accurate: "More than a meal, an evening in Morocco."

From Our Readers:
Submitted by: GABRAB. Date: Jan 09. Description: Walking in was like walking into another world. The decor is amazing, and the rooms, mazelike. We sat at a table that has couches as seats, with huge pillows as backs, and they were extremely comfortable. The food was delicious. The lamb with prunes and almonds was amazing, and we really enjoyed the pastilla with a meat filling. I ordered a meal for 175 NIS where you receive the Harrira (soup), first course, main, dessert and mint tea. We had a very enjoyable evening. I highly recommend this restaurant.

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