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New Mediterranean Cuisine

101 Derech Hebron, Jerusalem
Tel: 02-566-4466
Handicapped Friendly
Kashrut: Rabbanut Yerushalayim
Open Sunday - Thursday: 12:00 noon till 12:00 midnight. Closed Friday and Shabbat.


June 2015
The folks who brought us Hachatzer Restaurant, have opened a new meat restaurant: Medita Mediterranean Restaurant. Medita is located on the street level of the Beit HaNatziv center, on Derech Hevron in Armon Hanatziv. There is very convenient underground parking free of charge for two hours.

Medita is a beautifully designed restaurant. The decor uses fine quality materials and combines retro and modern styles. The atmosphere is young, pleasant and inviting. The cuisine follows the same line. The kitchen uses the best quality materials. Dishes are a cross between the traditional and avant garde, and the innovations are youthful and refreshing.

Medita - Indoors

About The Medita Menu

The restaurant offers modern Mediterranean cuisine. You'll know it when you see it.
We started with a platter of dips and focaccia from the tabun oven. The dips included techina, pesto dip,olives an olive oil with tomato dip and my favorite, eggplant cream. At Medita the eggplant cream is sweet, with touches of silan. I was thinking of buying some of that dip to take home for Shabbat but as the meal progressed it was not the only dish that I wanted to take home for Shabbat.

"Another focaccia?"
The attentive waiter asked when he saw our tray was empty. Nice not to have to hail down a fleeting waiter. He observed our plates and came up with the suggestion himself. In fact the restaurant has a full and active wait staff, polite, knowledgeable, and energetic. They anticipated our needs without hovering. Just right.

The restaurant offers a limited number of veggie, meat and fish options, all printed on one side of a page. Hebrew on one side and English on the other. We decided to go for veggie starters. My adventuresome companion chose the sabich - something that does not appear on every menu - and I went with the familiar eggplant Baladi.

Medita - Focaccia Antipasti

The sabich is a plate of hard boiled egg slices, radish, chunks of grilled eggplant and small pieces of hot peppers, beautifully presented on a base of techina.This is a clever and attractive dish. My eggplant baladi had cherry tomatoes and other vegetables as well as salt crystals mixed in. Both these dishes were served on retro style glass plates, something right out of Bubi's house. But the main courses were plated on white modern dishes, again combining the traditional and the modern.

For our main courses my companion chose the Assado Hachatzer while i chose the Denise fillets.
"We like to spoil out guests" manager Hofit told us, when we remarked on the huge quantity of meat in the Assado Hachatzer. The Assado meat is a kind of flank steak (remember your mothers flanken?), slow-cooked for 6 hours with veggies and a sweet sauce,. (My mother didnt cook it South American style either.) which accounts for its soft texture. The meat is a bit fatty, which adds to the softness and flavor, but the fat is largely on the outside, and separates off easily if you prefer. The meat is served with a side salad, no carbs. Some chips or rice would have been nice but the portion is large enough to share; who could have ingested more food?

The Denise, as we often find with fish dishes, was light and lovely. The fish fillets were prepared very nicely and served on a bed of rice with veggies. It was a great choice and a lovely main course.

We have been accused of not being adventuresome diners. Indeed, we tend to go for the conventional dishes and we favor cooked meat and fish. One of the signature Medita dishes that we did not try was the Fish Carpaccio, with grilled artichoke, pickled mushrooms, chili pepper and macadamia nuts. This combination of quality ingredients should make for a delicious dish.

Another dish that we did not try was the Salmon sashimi with cucumber salad, apple slices and soy caviar. If you like raw fish, this should be a fine combination of flavors.

The restaurant has its own pastry chef and all the desserts are made in house. Attractive as that sounds, we are off sugar for now so we did not indulge. They do have a Chocolate mousse dessert served with chocolate and crunchy pearls of nougat, which we will save for another time.

Medita - Sorbet

Smachot at Medita: Medita is ideal for smachot. This is a sizable restaurant with a separate party room that can accommodate up to 100 guests. The reasonable prices, delicious foods and convenient parking make this a great venue for a simcha.

From the menu: Sabich nis 35, eggplant baladi nis 34, fillet sea bream nis 88, Assado Hachatzer nis 82.. The menu also offers chicken dishes ranging from nis 62 - 72. Market focaccia topped with meat from the taboun oven, nis 54. Burger and fries are NIS 58.

For those who like to try a little of everything there is a tasting menu for NIS 180 per person. Everyone at the table will be charged the fee of the tasting menu.

Click here for a 10% discount coupon on your next order at Medita. Print out this coupon and present it at the restaurant.