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The Fruit of the Vine

Vineyard: Barkan Wine
Wine: Cabernet Sauvignon, 1996
Type: Dry Red

This is a superb heavy red wine that is, to my dismay, almost impossible to find anymore. If you are fortunate to find it - buy as many as you can, at any price. You will not be disappointed. Your senses will be awakened. This Israeli wine, Barkan Cabernet Sauvignon '96, won a gold award for excellence at the world wine competition in France. The wine has a lovely, smooth taste that is unparalleled in most Israelis reds today. Before winning the award, it sold for 75 NIS per bottle, today it will cost at least twice that amount. For those unable to find the wine in stores, do not despair. Many fine restaurateurs were smart enough too buy up stock. This is a wine for special occasions. Treat yourself to a good meal and a wonderful wine.

Rated: 10++
Price: Expensive NIS 75-200

Size: 750 ml

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