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La Boca
8 Shlomzion Hamalka, Jerusalem
Tel: 077-214-7755, 02-5635577
Kashrut: Meat glatt. vegetables Gush Katif. All products are mehadrin. Hashgacha is Rabbanut Yerusahalayim


Dish Price

House tapas served with a small salad

69 NIS

Soup of the day (ask the waiter)

35 NIS

Baby leaf salad with roasted almonds, apple, cranberry and rub vinaigrette

43 NIS

Mexican chicken salad with balsamic vinaigrette


Ceviche sea fish Peruvian salad with vegetables and fruits

65 NIS

Chicken Enchilada stuffed with chicken and vegetables

58 NIS

Tortilla La Boca stuffed with hard-boiled egg, guacamole and vegetables

52 NIS

Chicken Tortilla stuffed with chicken and vegetables 

52 NIS

Beef Tortilla stuffed with roast beef, tomato salsa and pickles

56 NIS

Emapanadas Verduras stuffed with sweet potatoes and spinach in a Mexican sauce

50 NIS

Beef Empanadas stuffed with hard boiled egg, olives and refined beef

53 NIS

Beef Tenderloin Carpaccio served with nachos

55 NIS

Foie Gras with a cherry tomato chutney sauce

73 NIS

House bread and dips

15 NIS

Main Course

Dish Price

Bife Ancho aged entrecote with crispy potatoes and chimichurri 250/400 gr

119/159 NIS

Bife de chorizo aged sirloin served in sweet balsamic sauce with puree 250gr

105 NIS

Bife de Lomo beef fillet medallions in sweet red wine sauce and puree

162 NIS

Mix Parilla For Two/Four, Grilled Meat Mix entrecote, lamb ribs, spring chicken and chorizo, served with crispy potatoes and a green leaf salad

260/465 NIS

Mix Parilla Premium For Two/Four, Grilled Meat Mix beef fillet, lamb ribs, entrecote and aged sirloin, served with crispy potatoes and a green leaf salad

370/692 NIS

Milanese Argentinian beef schnitzel with sunny side up egg and puree

93 NIS

Chili con carne Served on a bed of rice

89 NIS

Fish Playa del Carmen style salmon fillet served with yellow rice and vegetables

92 NIS

Paella Espagna Spanish rice dish with vegetables and choice of vegetarian / chicken / fish / beef


Fajita La Boca sautéed vegetables with coriander, served with tortilla and sauces – choise of beef strips / chicken breast strips / vegetarian

63/73/74 NIS

Lamb Kebabs on a bed of roasted eggplant and chimichurri

65 NIS

Spring chickenin coconut mild and Brazilian salsa, served with puree 

69 NIS

Liver a la plancha in sweet port wine and puree

69 NIS


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