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Rosh Hashana & Sukkot
5780 - 2019
Erev Rosh Hashana: September 29
. Erev Sukkot:October 13

"epes tsu esn?"
Where can you buy the best traditional foods for the holidays? Taste traditional kugels, gefilte fish, herring, salads.
Take a walking tour with author and media personality Shaul Maizlish. Visit landmark yeshivot and bais medrish: Gerer Hasidim, Ponovitch Yeshiva, Shuls of interest. Stories of the Rebbes.Viznitz Challa factory. Best Hungarian bakeries.
Languages: English, Hebrew and Yiddish

Culinary Tour of Bnei Brak. Inquiries press here.

Take Away Food for The Tishrei Holidays
Click on the link for each caterer to view the take out menu with prices and the last date to order.
Meuchas Israeli Kitchen
Classic Israeli cuisine.
Buffet of take away foods erev chag/shabbat
Take out menu main dishes.
Take out menu extra dishes

7 Hamaalot St,, Jerusalem. 02-5790070.

Mehadrin RabbanutYerushalayim
Rosh Hashana, Sukkot.and Every Shabbat
Jerusalem Delights 
Kashrut: Mehadrin/ Badatz

Free delivery in Jerusalem. Delivery available throughout the country.
Holiday Apple Crumble Pie (dairy)
Recipe from Sasha Cafe
Sasha Argov St., Neve Zemer, Raanana
Gifts for Rosh Hashana and Sukkot
eLuna restaurant gift certificates are the greatest gift.
Hundreds sold

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Give the Gift of Wine
Buy frends or family a gift of wine. The gift can be redeemed at the wine shop or by phone.

eLuna Wine Certificates

22 Rivlin St, Jerusalem. Tel:02-6259703
Hayetzira St, Mevaseret Zion, Tel:02-5343039
Best Sukkot in Israel
These restaurants honor the eLuna discount on sukkot by reservation only.
* Rodriguez upmarket meat and fish grill restaurant
* Medita. Mediterranean meat menu. Young and fun. Good value.
* Valero near Mahane Yehuda. New and different. Unique design. Great bar.

* Piccolino Gourmet dairy Italian in Music Sq. Rich and Yummy.
* Al Dente Authentic, delicious Italian Cuisine. Never disappoints.
* Pesto Neighborhood cafe with an Italian menu.
* Mike's Place sports bar/restaurant. Food and booze, sports events, live music.
* Village Green Full Vegan menu with waiter service on Yoel Solomon
Tel Aviv
* Mapu Nir Zook Chef restaurant. Brilliant mixes. One of the best.
* Curryliinas Anglo Indian cuisine, atmosphere, Ramat Hahayal.
* Canaan. Modern bistro. Amazing foods. Meat, fish and veggie
* Armando Great Fish/Meat, fine wine and a view of the Sea

* Paradiso Sarona Cafe Family fare in Sarona. Comfy and easy dining.
* Caffe Yaffo. Fish, dairy, breads from the taboun, near the Jaffa Market
* La Lasagna Authentic Italian dairy, fresh lasagna, pasta, pizza
* Hungarian Blintzes. Sweet and salty, hot or cold, main or dessert. Always delicious.
Central Israel
  * Alfredo, great dairy and ambiance/service in Petach Tikva
* Black Refuel at Black when you shop @ the Big Mall Petach Tikva
* Sorento. Rishon Lezion dairy Italian menu. Voted best rest in Rishon
Sharon Area
* Hamikdash Temple of meats prepared using sophisticated methods. Gourmet dining.

* Souvlaki Greek Cuisine on the Sea. Meat, fish, veggie dishes
* Beef Bar. For serious beef eaters. Big steaks and burgers, Netanya.

* Sasha Dairy family cafe/restaurant in Neve Zemer
* Cafe Neto Raanana. Light meals and coffee in this convenient location
Five Towns
  * Aresto The port at Ceasarea. Specialty dairy from the taboun oven.
* Haroeh BaCafe. Full dairy menu. Informal friendly atmosphere. Kfar Haroeh.
  * Carmis Specialty Italian dairy chef menu. Solomon Center.
* Luciana in Yishpro. Beautiful modern restaurant great italian menu

Get Away in Tishrei
Rosh Hashana and Sukkot 2019
Rates are for 2 guests in a double room per night

Beresheet Mitzpe Rimon

Rosh Hashana. Minimum 2 nights.
Bed & Breakfast from NIS 5441/2 nights. 10% discount for 3 nights.

Sukkot Bed and breakfast. 13 - 15 Oct from nis 4880,
15 - 17 Oct from nis 6841, 16 - 18 Oct from nis 6441,
17 - 20 Oct from nis 7961, 18 - 20 Oct from nis 5441,
20 - 22 Oct from nis 5041.
More about Beresheet

Carmel Forest

Carmel Forest

Rosh Hashana minimum 2 nights
Half board from NIS 5760 for 2 nights.

Sukkot Erev Sukkot 13 - 15 Oct from NIS 3960 less 5% discount.
Chol Hamoed per room 2 guests.
15 Oct from NIS 2210, 16 Oct from NIS 2040,
17 Oct from NIS 1860, 18 - 20 Oct from NIS 4320.
20 - 22 Oct from NIS 3960 less 10% discount

More about The Carmel Forest

Cramim, Jerusalem Hills

Rosh Hashana minimum 2 nights
Bed and Breakfast
29 Sept - 1 Oct NIS 5280. 3 nights 29 Sept - 2 Oct NIS 6680 less 10%. 3n 28 Sept - 1 Oct NIS 7040.

Bed and Breakfast
15, 16 Oct NIS 1760, 18 - 20 Oct NIS 4180.
20 - 22 Oct NIS 3220 less 10% minimum 2 nights
More about Cramim

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